Waterproof Cell Phone Cases for Iphone

People having an iPhone understand how much this phone means to them. An iPhone is greater than just a phone. An iPhone owner’s time turn around this gadget. They make calls from it, they find the correct way through it, they have fun games on it and they join to the world through it! These phones are huge sources of music. They can help folk work out in a superior way. Your preferred songs will help you play for a longer time.

Your iPhone can definitely do all this, but what is significant to bear in mind is that your phone is delicate. Your intricate piece of machinery wants safety from water, dirt, sweat, etc. By looking after your iPhone fine condition, you will not only add to its life but you will also be capable to get a good price if you ever choose to sell it.

Some waterproof cases will not simply add size to your iPhone, but also influence the audio quality of its earphone and speaker. The compromise is essential in order to make sure that the device is entirely sealed, therefore able of withstanding water submersion.

Here is a list of some Best Waterproof phone cases 2017 – 2018

ZVE Waterproof Case

Funds fewer than 20 dollars will land you this very rated waterproof case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s by ZVE.

ZVE water proof phone cases


a bit large and not accurately a looker, but it will secure your smartphone, it’s simple on your funds, and offer a one-year warranty. Even well again, the case is IP68 waterproof, as a result your iPhone can be totally submerged.

Otterbox Preserver Waterproof iPhone Case

otterbox waterproof iphone phone cases

The Otterbox product is one of the most reliance names in iPhone cases, so you make out that the cash you spend on a case will guarantee you’re receiving a solid, value product. If you desire a reasonably priced case that is waterproof, this is a case you can feel protected about buying.

OUNNE iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case

Ounne Water proof phone cases

This waterproof case from OUNNE is one of the more reasonable ones you can purchase. It comes in 3 amazing colors black, white, and ocean blue. The case can endure drops, be being waterlogged, or  be getting covered with dust and mud. It still provides you simple access to your camera and headphone jack, too. Some cables may be too wide to charge your iPhone, whereas the case is on, unluckily.

Seidio Obex Waterproof Case – Iphone 6/6s

seidio Iphone 6 Plus water proof phone cases

For the iPhone, these cases have whole the helpful qualities we seek in a waterproof case, counting, of course, keeping water out. Nearly all of the other cases we attempted, it has a plastic screen guard built in and provides a high stage of protection, but not any of the iPhone’s functionality is ruined. 

LifeProof Nuud Waterproof iPhone Case

Lifeproof Iphone 7 pluse water proof phone cases

The Nuud case is exclusive because it has no screen guard. The case fits tightly around the screen, making a waterproof seal that doesn’t interfere with the sensitivity of your touchscreen display. It seems actually cool, but some people are hesitant to trust a case that is, in essence missing a side, regardless of the high number of positive reviews from persons. It has a waterproof ranking of IP68 that means it’s good in water up to 6.6-feet for an hour. It meets military values for drop proofing and even offers a one-year limited warranty. 

Pelican Marine Case – Water Proof Phone Cases for I phone

This waterproof iPhone case achieves an IP68 rating, so it can be totally submerged in water to a deepness of 6.6 feet for up to an hour. The Pelican has an inspiring pedigree when it comes to protecting cases and the Marine case will also protect your iPhone 7 against falls, bumps, and all the elements. It seals your phone within, but the touch screen, Touch ID, and camera work just well. 

Pelican I phone water proof phone cases 2018Catalyst Case – Water Proof Phone Cases

The Catalyst iPhone case goes depth under water than most of its competitors. It can be underwater in up to 16.4 feet of water, and it meets military standards for surprise resistance.

Iphone water proof phone cases