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Meet Amazingly Talented Actor Varun Pruthi.

Varun Pruthi is An Actor, Director, Dancer, and a Social Activist, His Inspirational Story Of “Bring Humanity Back” Will Inspire You to help others.

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Varun Pruthi

Very Emotional Video That will Make You Cry – Varun Pruthi

This Homeless man asked him for some food Not money

He wanted to Beg Her But She – True Story

A young woman was begging and An 80yr old woman was working hard

He was Defined a Loser and then Watch

A Rich Man on a date and a Poor man were on a bus stop

Based on a True Love Story, She dumped him because He was poor

This 100 year old Woman was selling Jamuns(Berries),

A 68yr old man was selling books

A guy dumped her and then watch what happens.

He ordered a lot of food and wanted to throw it