Best Places to visit in Surat – Garden, Shopping Mall, Street Foods, Beach

If you are planning to visit Surat City for any reasons then I will tell you that your trip is going to be excited by exploring surat. I am going to share you list of best places in surat that you can explore in 2 days.

List of Most Famous Places to Visit in Surat

Best Beach Places in Surat to visit

  1. Dumas Beach
  2. Suvali Beach
  3. Ubhrat Beach

Best Gardens to Visit Surat

  1. Dutch Garden
  2. SMC Rose Garden
  3. Botanical Garden
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru Garden
  5. Floral Park
  6. lakeview garden
  7. kavi kalapi garden
  8. jyotindra dave garden
  9. clock garden

Best Water Park in Surat

  1. Amaazia Water Park
  2. Chhab Chhaba Chhab Water Fun Park

Best Hotels in Surat TO Stay

  1. The Gateway Hotel
  2. The Grand Bhagwati Hotel
  3. Lords Plaza – Surat
  4. Hotel Ginger Surat
  5. Best Western Yuvraj
  6. Hotel Orange International
  7. Hotel Central Excellency
  8. Budget Inn Bellevue
  9. Hotel Sifat International
  10. Hotel Vetro Inn

Best Food Places in Surat

famous egg Places in Surat

  1. chandan omelet center surat
  2. bhai bhai omlet surat
  3. ganesh omelet surat
  4. Mr.Egg
  5. Singotar Omlet Centre

Aloo-puri Famous in Surat

  1. Sainath Alloo Puri
  2. Shree Ganesh Aloopuri

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Guys this are some of the best places that you can visit for all your needs. Shortly I  will add some more places like temples, Street Foods and Restaurants, shopping Malls and more with images.

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