3 Ecommerce Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Current estimates put the number of ecommerce stores between 12 and 24 million worldwide. There is no denying that the competition is fierce in this sector regardless of what you offer.

If you rely on your digital presence to make money, then you need to be intentional and avoid the common ecommerce mistakes that those before you have made.

Despite the fact that 33% of the population shops online, you aren’t guaranteed to be successful by simply setting up a storefront alone.

You need to be making the right decisions and avoiding some of these common mistakes.

Neglecting The User Experience

38% of buyers will turn off a website if it doesn’t have an attractive layout or is overly complicated. Nearly half of buyers will leave if there isn’t a clear message.

While you might feel your website is easy to navigate and makes sense to you, you need to step outside your head and look at it from a buyer’s point of view. Someone with no knowledge of your business and what you do. Then, try to navigate around. Can you quickly find what you need? How clear is the homepage, and are people being directed clearly?

Complicated user experience

People will leave in their droves if the user experience is messy, complex, or simply confusing.

You want a simple layout with easy-to-find and use navigation and plenty of white space to keep it clear and uncluttered to boost the user experience.

Complicated Checkout

Your checkout process should be one of the easiest aspect of making a purchase. The hardest decision they should have is how much they’re willing to send and refraining from splurging.

You can have the best website and smoothest shopping experience, but people will abandon the cart and look elsewhere if you overcomplicate the checkout.

Make it as simple and easy as possible to go from the basket to check out. Only ask for essential details such as name and address, use a payment gateway for ecommerce to offer a wider range of payment options, and use a one-tick box to help create an account as they checkout automatically instead of making them create an account to be able to check out.

The fewer barriers, the better where checkout is concerned.

Neglecting Detailed Product Description 

Are your product descriptions lacking details? Are you without an about us page or missing FAQS?

If your website focuses on the images and CTA buttons and nothing else, people will click away. Your website needs to have all these aspects included and all the information a person will need to make a purchase. If you can’t give them this or they can’t contact you easily, you will lose customers and sales.

Neglecting to have copy that is detailed and informative is a massive mistake many new ecommerce startups fail to take into account, and this can hamper efforts to build a customer base.

Look at the bigger picture: what do people need to know? Include shipping information, product descriptions, ingredients or materials used if applicable, etc.

Making ecommerce mistakes is often part of the learning process, but sometimes, being able to learn from the mistakes of others and starting off right can be even more effective, especially when it comes to making a success of your new venture.

Avoid these eCommerce mistakes and ensure you are setting yourself up for success

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