Best places to visit Near surat

Would you like to know best places to visit near surat? Here you will find complete information about sightseeing and tourist destinations in Surat, must visit places in Surat, best time to visit all the places. This list contain places near 150 KM from surat.

  1. Dumas Beach
  2. The Dutch Garden
  3. Sardar Patel Museum
  4. Science Centre
  5. Ambika Niketan Temple
  6. ISCKON temple
  7. Swaminarayan temple
  8. Ubharat beach
  9. Suvali Beach
  10. Vansada National Park
  11. Jagadish Chandra Bose Aquarium
  12. Unai Hot Springs
  13. sarthana national park
  14. Old Fort
  15. Chintamani Jain Temple
  16. sneh rashmi botanical garden
  17. Saputara
  18. Nilkanth Dham Poicha
  19. padamdungri
  20. Wilson Hill
  21. Gira water fall
  22. Daman
  23. Dudhani Lake

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