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Experience the power of SEO, driving organic traffic to your website and unleashing increased sales, leads, and conversions, while saving on paid advertising expenses. With the flexibility to explore new advertising platforms such as Bing Ads and Facebook Ads, you’ll be positioned for even greater success.

Recognising the undeniable advantages of Search Engine Optimization, I am now offering my expertise and comprehensive training to individuals determined to become SEO specialists. Take the next step in elevating your website’s organic traffic by hiring the leading SEO Expert services in Surat.

Affordable SEO Service Provider In Surat

SEO is the foundation of learning Blogging, Pinterest, YouTube Video, and social media posts, That is why it’s important to learn SEO first and master the skills. In my SEO Services and training program to rank any website, even if you have zero knowledge.

Local SEO Optimization Service

Improve your brand local keywords visibility with a highly effective local SEO strategy. We create a complete Local SEO marketing campaign covering business listing, local citation to get top ranking in google maps.

While optimizing for local SEO, We focus on

  • Google Local Business Setup
  • Local Citation
  • Reviews management
  • Regular posting
  • Local Keyword research
  • Website optimization and more.

Local SEO will help you to build a local identity and become the top local SEO expert. There are lots of opportunities available at the local level. With some quick learning, you can easily get results.

I have published a detailed local SEO guide, just go there and read all the important steps. If you follow all the techniques, I am sure you will easily become a local SEO expert and start selling your services.

Technical SEO Site Wide Optimization services

SEO is an ongoing process and changes over time. Just focus on white hat SEO that designed with Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search engine algorithm.

SEO is a system or process that you need to learn step by step. is designed to optimize your websites according to search engine rules & policies.

As an SEO expert, you need to guide your web development team to make an SEO and user-friendly website. Technical SEO is all about website usability, Search Engine crawling, Indexing & Improving User Experience.

Technical SEO is nothing but improving your website coding, design, and Web hosting setup as per Google Guidelines.

Based on my experience I have noticed that websites that load under 2 or 3 seconds have a high impact on organic ranking.

You need to focus on the below points to learn the technical side of SEO.

  • Implementing SEO Architecture
  • 301 Redirection
  • URL Structure
  • Web hosting selection
  • CDN Implementation
  • Improving CODE to text ratio.
  • Image optimization
  • Reducing page requests & page size.
  • Combining JS & CSS
  • Removing thin pages from the website

If you are a business owner who thinks you have invested lots of in SEO and still not getting results to contact me, I will do a detailed audit and find what’s wrong.

Below are three Important sitewide optimizations that you need to perform.

SEO Architecture

Your SEO success depends on your website SEO architecture. To rank higher you need to mary your keywords with site architecture. Analyze your primary and secondary keywords & create architecture that will be easy for your customer to navigate & spider to index.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

As per the Data, 90% of Searches are done on mobile. It’s Important that you have a mobile-friendly website to improve user experience on a smartphone. Implement mobile SEO Optimization and Fix website speed, crawling, indexing issues on a smartphone.

Website Speed

Test website speed on different tools like Google page speed insight, Gtmetrix & Pingdom. All websites provide recommendations to improve website speed.

User Experience

Understand the Google Rankbrain Algorithm update and improve your website user experience. It’s important that your website provides a great user experience, otherwise, you start losing organic ranking.

As an SEO Expert, I recommend that you focus on creating a highly effective landing page to engage users, Improve time spend & reduce bounce rate.

On-Page SEO Services

Learning landing page optimization will help you to enhance your SEO Expert career.

When it comes to on-page SEO, it’s not about implementing only meta tags, keyword density & Writing Titles & descriptions, It’s more than what you think.

If you’re looking for some practical on-page SEO strategies & services then contact me today.

I will optimize your website considering the below points;

    • Keyword research
    • SEO Friendly URL Structure
    • Title Tag
    • Meta Description
    • Implementing Heading tags
    • Image Optimization
    • Schema Markup
    • Search Console Setup
    • Check Page in Sitemap
    • Check Page Robots.txt
    • Find duplicate content
    • Remove thin pages
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Improving Page speed.
    • Mobile-Friendly Testing

Identify missing on-page SEO elements on your website and improve them. If it’s a fresh website then follow step by step SEO process.

Keyword Research

SEO Process starts with finding highly relevant, Low competitive & profitable keywords. Learn Keyword Research techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

Play with keyword research tools and processes. Find high search volume with keyword research will make you an SEO expert.

Content Optimization

The main purpose of Content Optimization is that content looks natural to customers, and at the same time, it must include keywords that customers are searching.

Do work on your existing content & Optimize it by adding different heading tags, Bullets & interlinking relevant content.

Images SEO

Images optimization plays a vital role in image ranking. Audit your existing images alt tag, sizes, properties. If anything missing adds it so that search engines include it in the results.

Meta tags

Writing an effective Meta title, description and heading tags will help improve your organic CTR ( Click through rate ).

Learning ON Page SEO helps you in writing eye-catching & informative titles that force the user to click on the first page results.

Link Building Services

If you have developed a quality website and having zero links, 95% chances are that you will stay behind your top competitors who focusing on creating high-quality backlinks.

Link building is the process of gaining links from another website. Creating a link-building strategy becomes simple & easy when you focus on customer problems.

Identify the content gaps between you and competitors and create highly content that most people love to link back & share.

I focus on quality links from a website that has higher domain authority, trust score & no spam. Just designed your 6-month link-building plan to gain quality backlinks.

Local Business Listing

We provide local business listing services. Local business helps in improving your customer satisfaction, domain authority & you get top quality backlinks from the local business listing website. We help you to list your business on top local directories, Google Maps, Bing Maps and maintain accurate business listing information.

Blogger Outreach

Connect your business, messages, and stories to highly targeted bloggers and influencers & acquire backlinks. Guest blogging helps in improving brand visibility, awareness & increase domain authority.

PR & Blogging

Build relationships with your industry’s top generalists, Bloggers, News Publishers, Social Media Influencers. Discuss your PR & branding needs with specialists and execute your plan.

Just keep updating yourself by learning new SEO topics and in a quick time, you will be an SEO expert.

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