Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

In today’s world nobody is interested to teach us how to do financial planning.

In most of the cases we have seen that people like you and I suffering from debt, bank loans. We all have realised that Whatever we earn through our Job, within next 10 to 15 days 90% people salary get used.

I was searching for a solution and I come across the Book Rich Dad Vs Poor Dad written by Author Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Robert teaches us how to handle money, mindset and best investment that gives us more return that we can use for enjoyment. H.e also teaches us how to save money.

I personally suggest you purchase this book today from your nearest store or you can directly place order on amazon. Here is the link to shop the book online.


My Conclusion on Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Friends I really like the book and you don’t believe me it changed my imagination, thinking and I started investing. I hope you must read, learn some practical life approach.

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