Robin Sharma Quotes – Leadership, Success, Failure, Motivation

Robin S. Sharma is a well recognised Canadian author, inspiring speaker who teach us how to achieve goals.I

Robin Sharma books Who Will Cry When You Die? have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

In this post I am going to share top inspiring and motivational quotes of Robin Sharma.

Robin Sharma is leadership expert and a former Litigation lawyer, Read more about Robin sharma

25 inspiring and motivational quotes of Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes on DREAMS

Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now – Inspiring thoughts from Robin Sharma.

Dream Big start small act now

Robin Sharma Thoughts on Doing things

The Way we do small things determines the way we do everything.

Robin Sharma The-Way-We-Do-Little-Things


Robin Sharma Belief on Having Talent

Having talent is fantastic. Having Confidence is even more important.


Robing Sharma Quotes on Win & Try

You cant win, if you dont try.



Robin Sharma Quotes on Believe and Positive thinking

No One will believe in you until you believe in you.

Robin Sharma Quotes-no-one-belive-you-until-you-belive


Robin Sharma Message on The way you Start your Day

The way you start your day determines how well you live your day.



Robin Sharma Quotes on Success & Small Daily Micro Wins

Small Daily Micro Wins when done continuously over time it lead to big results in future – Quotes by Robin Sharma

Robin sharma quotes small-daily-micro-win


Robin Sharma Famous Quote about Short LIFE

Life is Short Do Big Things – Famous Quotes by Robin Sharma

Life is short do big things


Robin Sharma Quotes on Yes “I CAN”

Follow this Robin sharma message to get daily motivation to do some best work.

Your ” I can “ is More Important than your IQ

Robin-sharma-quote Your-I-CAN-is-more-important

Robin Sharma Thoughts on FEAR

Fear is A Big Liar – Best Ever Quote by Robin Sharma

Fear is Big Liar


Robin Sharma Quote on Excuses & FEAR

Follow this Robin sharma thoughts to Motivate & inspire your mind and body

Your Excuses Are Just the Lies Your Fears have sold you


Robin Sharma Quote on Great Day

Today is a Great Day to behave as the person you have always wanted to be.



Habits & Old Pattern Quotes by Robin Sharma

Break an Old Pattern, Start a new habit


Robin Sharma Quotes on Winning & Beginning

Most of the people we can say approx 80% People do not start any work because of fear of failure. Robin Sharma told perfectly that Starting anything is the main key.

The Key to Winning is Beginning


Robin Sharma Quote on Victims Problem & Leadership Opportunity 

Victims Talk about Problems, Leaders speak of possibilities


Robin Sharma Message on Born Genius and Mediocrity

You were born into Genius, don’t settle for any MediocrityFamous Quotes by Robin Sharma


Robin Sharma Message on Biggest Opportunity 

Best Robin Sharma Quotes for Student, Employee and Leaders.

The Activity you are most Avoiding contains your biggest Opportunity

great opportunity in activities

Robin Sharma Quotes on PROBLEM

A Problem is only a problem when viewed as a problem – Robin Sharma


Life quotes by Robin Sharma

You can have an amazing life or you can be surrounded by toxic people, you cannot have both


Robin sharma Leadership Quotes

Dig Deep When Its Hard. Deliver When Its Tough



Robin Sharma Quotes on Creativity, Productivity & Thinking

Silence is the Place Productive People go to thinks


Robin Sharma Thoughts on Dream Big

If People are not laughing at your dreams, your Dreams is not big Enough


Robin Sharma Quotes on SUCCESS, LUCK & PRACTICE

Success is Less about Luck, and More About Practice – Robin Sharma Thoughts


Robin Sharma Message on Life

Don’t Live the Same year 75 times and call it a life


Best Robin Sharma Quotes on Daily Skill Improvement

Small Daily Improvements always lead to exceptional results over time

23-small-daily improvements-exceptional-results-m

Robin Sharma Quotes on Change

Change is so messy in the middle but so fantastic at the End

Changes are Messy


Robin Sharma Quotes on Success, Thinking & Results

IF you want to have the results only 5% have, you must be willing to do and think Like Only 5% People do and think


I hope that above mentioned Robin sharma thoughts inspired you, and If you think it help any of your friends then share it. Let me know i n comment that which quote Inspire you most?

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