New Alia Bhatt Jokes Photos in Hindi & English

Some of the best jokes created on Alia Bhatt. She has created a viral image after giving some unexpected answers about the question who is prime minister of India on Show Coffee with karan.

After that incident most of the people have used her Innocent  Face and created lots of jokes. Here  I am going to share most popular Alia Bhatt jokes, I have collected it from Google searches, Facebook, pinterest and Instagram.

This is a best chance for all readers to read all alia bhatt jokes at one place.

  1. Alia Bhatt &  Varun Dhavan Jokes

Varun Dhavan and Alia Bhatt Jokes


  2. Alia Bhatt Jokes about Holiday Movie


Alia Bhatt Holiday Movie Jokes


3.  Alia Bhatt New Year Party Jokes with Karan Johar

Alia Bhatt and Karn Johar Jokes

4. Alia Bhatt & Kejerival Jokes

Alia Bhatt and Kejerival Jokes

5. The New Prime Minister Jokes – Alia Bhatt & Narendra Modi

Alia Bhatt and Narendra Modi Jokes


6. Alia Bhatt & Mahesh Bhatt Jokes

Alia Bhatt & Mahesh Bhatt Jokes


7.   Alia Bhatt & Narendra Modi Jokes about IMPOSSIBLE word

Alia bhatt & Narendra Modi Jokes


8. Alia Bhatt & 10 Rypay wali Maggie Jokes Images


Maggi Price - Alia Bhatt


9.  Alia Bhatt & Rahul Gandhi Jokes Images

Alia bhatt & Rahul Gandhi


10. Alia Bhatt AC vs Deepika Padukone FANS Jokes Images

Alia Bhatt Jokes on Fan vs AC


11. Bill Gates Microsoft Product vs Alia Bhatt M.S Dhoni

Alia Bhatt & Microsoft Jokes


12.  Alia Bhatt & Mahesh Bhatt Jokes on College

Alia Bhatt Jokes photos


13.  ALia Bhatt & Aapki Adalat Best Jokes

Alia Bhatt & Aapki Adalat Jokes


14. Alia Bhatt Jokes on Bharat Ratna

Alia Bhatt & Bharat Ratana Jokes


15. ALia Bhatt and Karishma tanna Jokes

Alia Bhatt and Karishma Jokes


16. ALia Bhatt and Sandhya Bindani – IPS Officer

Alia Bhatt Jokes on Sandhya Bindani - IPS

17. ALia Bhatt Jokes on Nimboo

Alia Bhatt Jokes on NImboo



Alia bhatt Jokes - 40 boyfriend

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