Guru Shukracharya Niti in your life & You will never failed

Guru Shukracharya were descendants of Lord Brahma, they are very knowledgeable as well as was a clever strategist. Guru Shukracharya has given 7 lessions If we apply in life then it will be beneficial for everyone.

To succeed all the time just keep these 7 strategies in mind .


1) Don Not trust Blindly on Anyeone, they may harm you



2)  Think twice before making any New friends. It is very important to know your new friends Good & Bad habits before making a friendship.


7 Niti of shukracharya


3) Do not participate or Support in Crime whether they from own family or public


4) Newer Waste food

7 Niti of shukracharya


7 Niti of shukracharya


7 Niti of shukracharya


7 Niti of shukracharya


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