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List of best Good Night Quotes.

When we back from work and go to bed for rest, this brings us best opportunity to give rest to our mind and body. Its Gives us maximum time to analyse our daily activities and give new hope to make better tomorrow.

But most of the time when we go to sleep we feel stressed and sad. All this happens because of all incident we faced during the day.

Science and study says that whatever happend during the day will comes in your dreams. So if any bad things happen then chances are that you get some bad dreams.

To make better tomorrow it’s very important to have some sweet dreams, success dreams. So it’s very important to wish your friends and family member a good night wish to motivate him for doing great things and knowing her / him that you care and will always with him.

Here I brings some best Good Night Messages that you can share with your Girlfriends, Boy Friends, Family members and friends.

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