APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes and thoughts On Success, Failure, Education

30+ APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes & Thoughts to get inspiration and motivation to achieve big in life.  APJ Abdul Kalam was the 11th President of India. A career scientist turned politician, Abdul Kalam was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.

Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has given our nation so many Inspirational & Motivation Quotes on Education, Dreams, Youth & Students which inspire every student and employee to achieve life’s biggest goals.

Below are some of the best positive & motivational quotes images some are in Hindi & English. Read  biography of Abdul Kalam

Famous Messages by APJ Abdul Kalam in Hindi and English

Speak 5 lines to yourself

Start your Day by speaking 5 Lines to yourself – this will motivate your full day and keep you energetic.

Speak five lines to yourself apj abdul Kalam Quotes

SUCCESS / FAILURE thought by APJ Abdul Kalam

Do Not stop Until you Finish your work, And Once you finish plan for the next big goal.

APJ Abdul kalam quotes on First Success in Hindi

Man Needs DIFFICULTIES thought

If you do not face any difficulties then check your path, you might go on the wrong track. And everyone knows the feeling of completing a difficult task, students better feel the success while completing exams.


Dream & Work Quotes in Hindi & English by Abdul Kalam

Quotes on Dream Big and Achieve what you want.

Look at the Sky Thoughts by Abdul Kalam in Hindi & English

SUCCESS & Failure Stories Quotes

If u want to succeed try to learn from the failure story.

Abdul Kalam Famous Quotes on Don't Read SUCCESS Stories

Future & Habit Quotes in English

Change your habits and it will bring some light to your life. Must follow these awesome quotes given by APJ Abdul Kalam

You Can not Change Your Future Quotes by Abdul Kalam

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Future & Habits Quotes by Abdul Kalam in Hindi

You Can not Change Your Habits Quotes In Hindi by Abdul Kalam

Top Selling books by Abdul Kalam

Books by dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Books buy

Opportunities Creation & Acceptance Quotes in Hindi

Opportunity Creation & Acceptance Quotes in Hindi

Easy to Defeat Someone / Hard to Win Quotes

Easy to Defeat Someone / Hard to Win Quotes

Salute & Pollute Quotes

Salute & Pollute Quotes

Dreams Quotes in Hindi
Dreams Quotes in Hindi

Dream, Thoughts & Action Quote

Dream, Thoughts & Action Quotes

If you Want to Shine Quotes

Want to achieve your dream goals, then first do some continuous work, and always remember what APJ Abdul kalam says

If you Want to Shine Quotes

Learning, Creativity & Thinking Quote

Learning Gives Creativity Quotes on Education by Abdul Kalam

Read 20 + Popular Students Quotes in Hindi and English

Signature Change to Autograph Quote

Success & Signature Quotes

Love your Job Quotes

Love your Job but not company Quotes

Best Teacher & Last Mistake Quotes

Your Best Teacher is your Last Mistake

Best Brain of the nation Quote

Last Benches of the Classroom Quote

Your Involvement & Success Quotes by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Your Involvement Quote by Abdul Kalam Quotes on Success and Fail

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