Opencart Marketing Guide

Recently I got a chance to optimize open cart website, I have a client whose online portal was developed using opencart, During my web optimization task I found some valuable information and solutions that everybody is searching online.
Open cart marketing -Guide
So based on my past research and implementation I decided to write complete marketing guide for opencart, so anybody who reads this guide can easily make changes on website and make it search engine friendly.
During my optimization task, I come accross various challenges and to solve it I have done lots of research in forums, blogs and other website, Now I have all the solutions so I would like to publish it here so Like i wasted time other people will not waste there time.
In my open cart marketing Guide I have listed step by step solutions for website optimization, web traffic tracking, Retargeting and other product selling techniques. Below is some highlight of my opencart marketing guide.
  1. Website Structure
  2. www vs non www 301 redirect
  3. URL optimization
  4. How to setup canonical URL
  5. Unique Meta tags
  6. Crawlability and accessibility test
  7. Image optimization – Alt tag and title
  8. Robots.txt
  9. XML Sitemap
  10. Speed Improvement – Browser & server side caching, CSS, Java script, Image optimization and more.
  11. Google Analytics setup
  12. Implement Custom search box for Google
  13. Adding Conversion tracking code
  14. Remarketing setup
  15. Webmaster tool setup
  16. Check mobile friendly test
  17. Check your cross selling, upselling and Recently view products
  18. 301 redirect test
  19. Retargeting through email – cart abandonment email, wish list & shopping cart reminder
  20. Show brand trust signal in shopping cart
  21. Customer Support – Live chat, email, phone call
I am working on images and content on above mentioned 21 points and very soon I am going to release a complete guide for it. If you have a question or any ideas please share your thoughts in my comment sections.

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