Top 5 Effective Uses of Memes to Increase your Instagram Reach

How To Leverage Memes To Enhance Your Instagram Reach

Instagram memes have taken over Instagram feeds, and why not? The sheer engagement that memes bring out for your brand is unparalleled by any other media. 

Traditionally, memes have been limited to a few parody or funny accounts, but today, brands are understanding the value that memes bring to the table. 

Memes have evolved from just funny images to effective brand promotion channels. Major brands are on a constant lookout for relatable content that they can create memes from and enhance their social media engagement metrics. 

There are also video memes making the rounds that can be easily created using an online image to video conversion platforms.

Brands and businesses are actively identifying the ways that they can leverage memes to get their message out and garner audience engagement. 

Moreover, memes are quick to create and resonate highly with the target audience. If you are a brand looking for ways in which memes can help your social presence, here are some valid points for you.

Top 5 Effective Uses Of Memes To Drive Instagram Popularity

Brands and businesses have actively started to leverage the multitude of promotion opportunities brought forward by memes. 

In fact, they have become a medium of choice for conveying information and are highly effective when compared to plain text that usually garners less engagement than a well-crafted and relatable meme. 

Here are the top 5 ways in which memes can help brands in propelling their popularity and helping brands in building a memorable Instagram presence.


1. Promote your brand’s principles

Instagram is largely a social place where people look for relatable content. People follow all sorts of accounts from influencers, brands, people. 

They even follow pages that have nothing to do with them if they find the content relatable. 

Rather than explaining your brand’s value through plain text, memes that carry your brand’s message are more likely to get embossed in the audience’s minds.

Hence, to ensure maximum relativity, you can push memes with effective messaging that resonates with your audience base. 

Memes can prove to be the perfect medium to propagate your brand’s values and connect with a like-minded audience. 


2. Promote viral tweets to garner attention

By simply using an online meme maker, you can create memes that portray a viral tweet and gain the attention of your audience. 

Tweets become viral for a reason. This may be due to highly relevant tweet content or an ongoing trend.

Leveraging viral tweets is easy as you already have the content that has performed well, and the chances of getting increased engagement are drastically increased. 

Since the content has already performed well, the chances of getting ROI on your time investment is enhanced enormously.

Brands are actively lifting tweets from Twitter and creating memes around them. A simple screenshot, too, suffices as aesthetics are not very important when you are portraying your fun side. 

However, many popular Instagram pages are using a common background across their memes to ensure a consistent theme.


3. Memes as a product promotion medium

Strategically placed products in memes perform very well in garnering eyeballs from the relevant audience. 

Product placement memes are sort of a soft promotion that is an excellent medium to get your product in front of the audience without seeming salesy.

Strategic product placement is likely to generate more engagement as compared to a direct salesy promotion. 

In fact, major brands are actively leveraging the meme format to ensure effective product placement that drives the attention of their audience.

As a business owner, you should emphasize on generating audience engagement through memes without pushing your product for sales. 

By utilizing Instagram as a promotion medium, you can acquire the best of both worlds. 


4. Excellent way of leveraging ongoing trends

Is there an ongoing trend that is generating immense engagement from Instagram users? It might be a good idea to ride on the bandwagon and make a place for your brand. 

Sending out relevant memes makes your content stand out without many efforts and provides enormous value on your marketing ROI.

Some ideas could be sending out memes around the holiday season, festivities, or a major brand milestone. 

Through this, you can garner excellent visibility for your content and propel your brand visibility without much effort.


5. As an audience entertainment medium

An entertained audience is more likely to be on the lookout for your content, and the chances of them sharing your content are maximized. 

Everyone likes to have a bit of fun once in a while, and these memes help your brand in establishing a fun side.

Moreover, you can also leverage UGC in your memes and highlight the funny aspects of your audience’s engagement. 

It can be a comment that a customer published, an image that they shared with your brand, or a relatable, funny picture. Memes can provide you with the perfect recipe for entertaining your audience.


Wrapping Up

Memes are a cost-effective and highly engaging way of driving the audience to your business. 

The short format with highly relatable content has won praises from the audience in the past and has driven enormous levels of quality engagement.

By effectively leveraging memes for your brand, you can build an impactful Instagram presence with a loyal following that is on a constant lookout for your content. 

The above-mentioned ways are just a glimpse of what is possible through memes on Instagram, and brands are getting increasingly creative and deploying new methods to garner popularity.

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