Top 25 ways to share content for your marketing purpose

Well, After a short span of time, today I got a good topic so I decided to share some interesting story about customer engagement. Well I have also updated my blog, hope you like it.
Today first I would like to start sharing a thought on social media, well this are the well known content sharing place, but this post is for the persons who get confused on what they should share on social media, what type of content your reader want? so this infographes will surely solve your doubts.
Now you have all the place for sharing social content, now its time for you to identify the potential places where your audiance might be existing, above 5 ways you can update your status, information regularly.
I have just share 5places where your content is updated, there still 20 ways of content sharing is pending. Now the time is come, I have to share a  bigger picture that contain additional 20sources.
This infographes was created in 2008, Almost 6 years ago, Now Do you think that all this places are still existing for shaing your story? Well think of it, as per my obersvation all are still remain today and it will never died.
Well If you are writing a story or book then the below mentioned places are most effective and useful to generate traffic, engagements. Most common areas where you can easily caught customers
 Top 24 Story Telling Platforms
  1. Writing EffectiveBooks
  2. Preparing CDs about your story
  3. Use Print journalism
  4. Use TV to reach global audience
  5. Radio Old but today its best way to communicate
  6. Movies advertisements
  7. DVDs of your story
  8. Website
  9. Podcasts
  10. Effective use of Twitter
  11. Reach global audience on Facebook
  12. Share your important videos onYouTube
  13. Pinterest – Effective
  14. Instagram – Most effective for branding
  15. Smart phone apps – Most popular
  16. Tablet apps – Popular and future brings more demands
  17. Comics – Most useful for targeting travelers
  18. Graphic Novels – Very useful
  19. Video games – Engage people from the root
  20. Flash mobs – effective for targeting internet users
  21. Documentaries – can bring more trust and visibility
  22. Quizzes – best way to engage audience
  23. Board games – very effective
  24. Fan fiction – No more then this
When you run a buisness or any information then people must aware about you, and above mentioned poits are proven points and people are using in there daily marketing activities.
Now you have the list of right media, now its time to engage users with some proven activities
  • Design Well Today Everyone has mobile with internet availabe, so best way to reach customer directly is developing aps for mobile and tablests and engage readers throughs games or whatever you can do.
  • Well If you have a physical business then start online branding.
  • YouTube video most important, share your news with audiance
  • Find a new topics regarding your niche market, so customer will follow you.
  • Stay in News by helping other, you can take a best example of Narendra Modi Sir and Arvind kejrival.
  • Dont focused on profile and page also Join Facebook and Google+ groups related to niche.
  • Help others and your community to find your thoughts
  • Believe in free, Give knowledge and information free of cost. Once you start doing this people start following your thoughts
  • Ask questions so readers will join your conversations
  • Whenever you recives any Inquiry or Questions revert them quick, almost treat like a gold, because one your best answer can make that user feel good and become a longterm follower.
SO finally I hope you have loved this most and I try my best to disclosed 25 secrtes of shaing content on Internet.

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