PPC Tools – 20 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools

Are you searching for Best Paid Marketing tools?

That means you are looking for tools that help you to find keywords, analyze competitor’s website and provide you deep insight.

Using a tool is easy to process and the beginner can use it. But, do you know

If you are serious about learning sem then you must use 20 tools in your daily practice.

Competitive Keyword Research Tools

#1 KeywordSpy

Details at http://www.keywordspy.com/

What is it? KeywordSpy is a top PPC tool that helps in keyword position tracking and do the depth analysis of your competitors.

What are the common uses? Learn your competitors paid strategies, Check their ads, keywords and more.

#2 PPC Web Spy

Details at http://www.ppcwebspy.com/

What is it? A competitive keyword research tool, Best PPC tools to identify what your competitors are bidding and running ads.

What are the common uses? Save your time, Identify the most profitable keywords and more.

#3 SEMrush

What is it? SEMrush great competitive research tools to find keywords, ranking, backlinks and paid states

What are the common uses? Identify in-depth keywords positions and ranking of any domains. Check backlinks, Traffic estimates, bidding and paid ads.

#4 SpyFu

What is it? SpyFu is a competitive keyword research tool, check your competitor’s keywords.

What are the common uses? Check your competitor’s current states and analyze which keywords they getting more traffics.

#5 iSpionage

Details at http://www.ispionage.com/

What is it? Top ppc tool to identify your competitor’s current states.

What are the common uses? Identify your competitor’s keywords list and current bidding.

#6 Soovle

Details at http://www.soovle.com/

What is it? Soovle is free keyword research tool, Shows search engine suggestions

What are the common uses? You don’t need to open individual search engine and filter suggestion, for one keywords this tools shows all suggestions. Best tool for creating content as well as keywords lists.

Ad Word Tools

#7 Ad Text Generator

Details at http://www.adtextgenerator.com/

What is it? Generate Ads suggestion. .

What are the common uses? Help in creating high quality text ads.

#8 Adword Bid Tool

Details at https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2470105?hl=en

What is it? Adword Bid Tool – Helps in Idenfify cost, clicks and manage bidding on particular keywords or all keywords.

What are the common uses? Help in Analysis of clicks, costs, impression, and conversions. Based on current data you can take actions of reducing bids or increasing.

#9 Negative Keyword

Details at https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2453972?hl=en

What is it? Identify Negative keywords

What are the common uses? After using negative keywords in adwords, you will reach customers that are more relevant, Reduce your bids, increase conversions.

Budget Estimation Tools

#10 Google Traffic Estimator

Details at https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3114286?hl=en

What is it? Analyze how much traffic you will receive for keywords, gives you bidding estimate data for top bidding, total cost per day.

What are the common uses? You can estimate and plan how much clicks you will receive in a day, so you easily allocate budgets according to your business goals.


Details at http://tools.seobook.com/ppc-tools/calculators/roi.html

What is it? Calculate return on investment (ROI) for pay per click (PPC) campaign.

What are the common uses? Easily analyze CPC cost per click in minutes. Using this tool we get better ideas whether we increase budget or not in future paid campaigns.

Traditional Keyword Research Tools


Details at http://www.wordtracker.com/

What is it? Word tracker is a keyword research tools.

What are the common uses? Generate keywords list. Identify profitable keywords

#13 SpeedPPC

Details at http://www.speedppc.com/

What is it? SpeedPPC is software to builds campaign in short time

What are the common uses? Helps you to create more targeted campaign by identifying relevant landing pages, keywords.

Bid Management & PPC Campaign Management Tools


Details at http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwordseditor/

What is Adwords Editor? Free application from Google adwords, Helps you to manage campaign offline.

What are the common uses? Powerful application to do all work offline and when you live it shows all technical errors that you have done in editing.

#15 Adword Scripts

Details at https://developers.google.com/adwords/scripts/

What is it? Adword Scripts allows to control Adwords data programmatically, by simply using JavaScript in a browser based IDE.

What are the common uses? Helpful for creating effective adwords reports to present to your clients.


Details at: http://kenshoo.com/

What is it? This tool help in management of Local Paid campaign, Adjust Bids and automation.

What are the common uses? Best bid management tools, to get better lead generation, and help in defining ROI and business goal.

#17 SplitTester

Details at http://www.splittester.com/

What is it? It is a free PPC tool that help you to get statistics data of ad comparisons.

What are the common uses? Check Probability result of 2 ads and get confidence to run which ads you run more from A/B split tests of PPC ad campaign.

Keyword Grouping & Generation Tools

#18 Keyword Combiner

Details at : http://www.searchenginepromotionhelp.com/m/keywords-combiner/word-combinations.php

What is Keyword Combiner? This tools Joins 2 or three lists of words and bring results in a form of keywords.

Common uses of Keyword CombinerThis PPC tool Helps in creating relevant keywords list. Save time, you don’t need to operate spreadsheet to merge related keywords.

#19 Keyword Wrapper

Details at http://www.searchenginesmarketer.com/ppckeywordwrapper/

What is it Keyword Wrapper? Free Keyword generation tool, this tool help you to build list of exact match keywords, Phrase match keywords, +broad +match +modified keywords.

What are the common uses? Create List of keywords in very quick time.

A/B Testing Tool


What is it? Crazyegg is well known Tool for A/B testing. Test your website which section is working, which internal links getting more clicks. Very popular tools in today’s market.

What are the common uses of Crazyegg? Create User Behavior, Study the user activities on website and guide you to take proper decisions to improve conversions and ROI.

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