Introduction to Social Media Customer Care Data

When it comes to the growing Internet marketplace, companies and businesses are riding the killer waves of immense traffic all the way to the bank. Social media has given businesses, big or small, immense reach to market their goods and services.

One heavily undervalued segment of the social media landscape is social media customer care (SMCC). Here are some statistics from the data on  WebsiteBuilder.

SMCC is 63% cheaper and offers much better results compared to conventional customer care channels. With the limitless potential customer base available online through social media platforms, brands would be doing themselves a major disservice by not actively engaging and interacting with this vast potential market.

SMCC is just that, interacting and building strong ties to your customers and converting the high online traffic into a loyal customers base. This is done through social media practices and procedures that help streamline the enquiry and customer relations process.

For those that prefer to not ignore this amazing growth opportunity for their business, the facts and numbers point to amazing potential. ROI, brand awareness and loyalty, plus revenue, all improve exponentially with a solid social media campaign and SMCC policy. Do you want to learn all you need to know about the fast-growing social media customer care realm? If you’re ready to improve your social media efforts, then this set of statistics, facts and information is something you can’t skip. It will help take your social media strategies to a new level, improving and expanding your business and success.

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