Local SEO Best Practices for 2023

Let’s talk about a platform that had not yet commented on Target SEO, talk about Google Places (Google + Local).
Local results have taken (and take) a great relevance thanks to the rise of mobile connections, so it is essential for any local company to be well positioned in them.
Local SEO Google+ Business Listing

How to list your company in Google Places?

First, as we were to position in the organic results (because it is), we conducted an analytical keywords (Keywords Research) using the AdWords Keyword Tool exact matching and local outcomes.
The goal is to find the target market for our business and in our area of ​​action, the target market about the keywords is measured by its volume and intentionality, action searches intention (purchase, registration, reservation, etc..) Can join keyword combinations + type locality for example.
Once we clear the keywords to which we will give our business to focus mainly high in Google Places platform, successfully completing business listing, correctly in the sense of adding keywords without losing the commercial value, fill all fields to be as complete as possible and add as reinforcement if images, videos.
Google will send a letter by postal address with PIN validation, the time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
We must be ready so we will also optimize the website to boost local SEO, we will standard on-page optimization taking into account:
  1.     Keywords in titles.
  2.     Independent descriptions that enhance the CTR.
  3.     Code clean and fast loading speed.
  4.     Intuitive navigation, good index-ability.
And as a bonus is important to add the location of the company and contact details.
Finally, the Link citation process that focused on website which shows on local results:
  1.     Links from local sites and directory.
  2.     Links located within the content.
  3.     Context related link.
  4.    Mentions the company to enhance the Authority.
Once you do above works your business will start showing in google, like below my business.
Local Buisoness lising
It is also important and I note the recommendations from social networks is of great importance for SEO today, and empowerment of comments on Google + by our customers.