72+ Ways to Improve Website SEO Ranking

Here we going to show you top 72 ways to Improve your website SEO Ranking. While so many factors determine how your site gets to be ranked, you need to strategies and choose which ones to focus on.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to help improve your site’s rankings on search engines. But, you have got to use it in the right way or risk getting penalised or banned, which can result to traffic loss.

Without a doubt content is one of the first things you have look at. Check to see whether it has a wowing factor in your niche and exhausts everything in the topic you’re tackling.

It should be around 1,000 words and above to convince search engines that your content is of high quality. In fact, an infographic put together by my good friends at seotribunal.com estimates that an average of Google first page results contain 1,890 words.

That done, you will need to check whether your content matches regular query searches. To effectively do this, you will have to do a keyword research to identify those queries that consumers normally use to find information or products in your market segment. Afterwards, improve your content to better match the queries and even expand it to match those queries you had missed.

By doing this, you will make it easy for Google to match your content to most search queries and thus rank you higher for providing informative content.

Also, this will drive traffic to your site thus exposing your amazing content to a wider audience who can then share it with others. Hence, you will be able to get backlinks. It’s proven that a page that ranks 1 on Google has almost 6 times more backlinks than a site ranked 10th.

So if you don’t know Link building techniques then learn it to become Link building seo expert.

Other things you should look at is how fast you pages load because users expect a page to load within 2 seconds or less. Otherwise they will abandon it, thus increasing your bounce rate.

A higher bounce rate makes search engines believe that your site doesn’t satisfy the consumers, and they will downgrade your site.

Additionally, the more time visitors spend on your website can positively impact on your site’s ranking. The importance of a SSL security whereby websites use ‘https’ can’t be ignored, as 27% of page 1 search results use it.

Those are some of the factors that can improve your SERP. But, for a better understanding of SEO and the stats that can make it successful, read the infographic below:

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