HTTP or HTTPS: Which one is Better for SEO?

Which version your website is using HTTP or HTTPS? While doing Site-level optimization in SEO its important to fix that the website use https.

Well, if you are still using HTTP on your website, it’s time to think further. Google brings one of the biggest updates. Google has officially declared that it will provide more value to the website that has https.

Well, One of  the biggest updates in the SEO industry brings by Google to improve web security i.e we call SSL https SEO updates.

Now when I search on google and I noticed most of the results coming on top of google search engine have https.

seo https update

So this post is all about how you can switch your website from HTTP to https.

But the major concern with https is that if you don’t know exactly how to switch, what will be the speed issue, Then I suggest you to first read SEO considerations when moving from HTTP to HTTPS article written by Stuart Long.

SSL Certificate - Website With HTTPS

After the HTTPS updates have noticed some improvement in ranking for the website which is already using SSL certificate and having HTTPS,

Google Officially tells that they will give importance to the website which is secure, which means a website opening with https will have more rankings chances if they load fast, responsive, unique content and having a great natural backlink profile.

So how to fix SEO Issues of HTTPS Website

  • Open website only in one format, Either you choose HTTPS or HTTP, Do the 301 Redirection of any one.
  • Use 2048-bit key certificates
  • Use Green Bar With your company Name, You must have seen this trust signal on banks websites.
  • Do 301 Redirect ALL Pages to HTTPS
  • Check Whether all your pages are loading properly or not
  • Also note down the loading time

Top SSL certificate Provider

How to Install SSL Certificate on Website

Installing SSL certificate on website is never easy, I am sure after this Google SSL update, There will be more jobs opening for SSL installation.
Here are some Reference website where you get detailed Guide on SSL installation