How SEO Marketing Techniques have been changed in 10 Years

Well, All around the globe has talking that SEO has been changed but you can find that the things from the 10years still remain, i.e website content, Title tag, Description tag and other few on page factors as well as links is still the game changer.

Years ago seo known to be for computers, but the recent panda, penguin updates release it that its developed for the human  and same concept it apply as it was started of search engine.
Initially search engine born to help users to get information what they were looking, now from last 3 years the black hat activities raised and the website doesn’t have any quality get ranked due to excessive link resources. 
Now what mistake we are doing and the Google search engine is not like is that to get to the top of Google we are adding lots of keywords into a post or page, but  as a human point of view you think it doesn’t helpful. Now you can find some website which has very less content also getting top positions. This is because of the quality, accuracy, speed and qulity content promoted on website.
SEO Tactics Have Changed and What You Do is Important
Now you probably thinking that what techniques are working right now, I have found an outstanding Infographics designed by Positionly that tell how things have been changed and what we should do to improve our search engine ranking.

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