Content Marketing – Guide on Writing, Publishing & Promoting Website Content

Through my  8 years of experience, I have promoted many websites, I have prepared a full proof content marketing plan based on my past experience.

This Content Marketing strategy is for the serious marketer who has time, patience and does some hard work as well as smart works.

Content marketing is the first step towards becoming a top SEO expert. If you are new to SEO, then learn How SEO works? This will help you with the content marketing process in detail.

In fact, content marketing is a part of the SEO link building campaign. Without Right Content Marketing your SEO efforts will not bring your website on top of google and bing search engine.

IF you blindly copy this strategy then it will not work.

1) Define Your Content Marketing objective and agree on it:

First, you must know What exactly do you want to achieve with your content? You need to generate traffic or qualified leads? Do you want to generate Sales?

Write down your objectives for Writing Content. It may be for

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • Generate sales leads.
  • Convert more leads into customers.
  • Improve retention and drive upsell.

Identify Consumers’ Goals –

  • Ask yourself – will my Content solve my customer’s’ Needs
  • Prepare your Audience Persona Targeting your Blog Post

Fill the empty pieces below and get started with creating a customer persona of your audience.

Template for Finding Audience Persona

Tips – This Audience will definitely help you in Blogging, Facebook Paid Advertisement

Audience Persona

 Write Your Answers


Job Title

Where She Works

Detail about her role:







Goals and Challenge:

Values and fears:

Marketing message:

Elevator Pitch:

2) Brainstorm Posting Ideas – Based On your topic

To find viral content in your industry, follow these two steps:

  • Step #1: Go to Buzzsumo / Youtube Video. Type in your keyword (e.g., “Your Keywords”) and click “go.”
  • Step #2: Check your results to find the headlines that got the most social shares.
  • Step #3. The next step is to model your headline after one of those viral headlines. Study it, then cra a better one.

Do Analysis of Buzzsumo Data & Make a List of most popular targeted post

Post URL

Total Social Strength

Article Title

How Can I Improve?

Add Remarks


Watch Video to Find Answers and Read Video Comments

Similarly Find Top 5 Youtube Viral Videos and watch it, Make Some best notes considering it will solve user problems.

Video URL

Total View

Video Title

Main Points Discussion in Video

How Can I Improve?

Identifying your customers problems by following your targeted customers


Finding Customer Issues

Keyword Research

From Industry Forums

From Blog comments and QA sites Like


Yahoo Answers

Wiki Answers


Now you have understood what your customer’s pain points, what they are looking for based on the issues write down your headlines / Main title, try to build at least 5 variations so you can check which hone is best.

Template for Writing Pain Points

Tips –  Identifying pain points and writing in Heading / Page title will improve your click through Rate.

Main Pain Points you Discovered

Blog title & Content Heading to Solve it

Find Right Keywords for your Post

Keyword Tools – ( Use Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush )

Try to Build Similar type of template for Keywords


Potential Keywords


Local Search Volume

Global Search Volume

What Problem this Keyword Solve for my Customers


Keyword 1


Keyword 2


Keyword 3


Keyword 4


 Keyword 5


 Keyword 6


Keyword 7


Now Write Content in-depth – Follow the Instructions

Pick a best subject/topic that’s broad and describe your business

Target a long-tail keyword in your headline

Research current topics, accurate data to back up facts and opinions to prove whatever message you have passed is true.

Add relevant images, Visual graphics or Infographics, videos, or slide share presentations.

Make a plan to Collect email leads in the body of the article. You can ask for download, You can ask for continuous content.

Provide backlinks to to relevant authority websites.

Must Include a call-to-action buttons or banner – Based on the Goals / Objective you have defined initially.

Once Publish Notify to relevant target audience, Use some Paid + Free ways.

Quality Checking Before Publishing A Post

Bounce rate improvement checklist:



1. Am I using responsive layout?

2. Are my texts readable? (Font style, size etc)

3. Is my load speed under 3 seconds?


Page views improvement checklist:



  1. Am I interlinking between my posts?
  2. Do I add a “relevant content section” at the end of my blog posts?



Checklist to Improve time spend on your website



  • Am I using headings, bullets, blockquotes and lists in my articles?
  • Are my articles too long or too short? (standard is under 1500 words)
  • Am I using pictures within the blog posts?
  • Am I creating conversation by using “you” and “I”?
  • Is my conclusion as per users expectations?


Work After Publishing A Blog Post

  • Send new content to your email list
  • Share multiple times to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn social media . Create 20+ Short Snippets for Mega Sharing on Social Media

Variations of the title

Short statements from the content

Short quotes from the content

Statistics from the content

Contact People Who Have Shared Similar Content and ask them them to share.

  • Do Guest Blog Targeting your post
  • Send an outreach email to targeted customer and ask them to share.
  • Mention an influencer (then mention that you’ve mentioned him or her in your post)
  • Submit the post to a content community
  • Contact People Who Have Linked to Similar Content – Use Ahref, SEMRUSH & Check competitors backlinks, ask the bloggers to link you.
  • Turn the Content into a Video to Appeal to a Totally Different Audience. Publish it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other online video communities where there are millions of users looking for great videos.
  • Turn the Content into a Slideshare
  • Turn the Content into a .pdf so customers can print it.

Conclusion on Content Marketing

From my past experience + Study of Neil Patel, Backlinko I have prepared this strategy. By little modification you can easily establish it for any website.

You will not find All topics in one place. If you have some best points you want to share, your positive / Negative and improve tips are most welcome in comments.


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