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When you thinks of starting Remarketing ads  for your online business then you are placing a right step towards finding the right customer. In remarketing ads you can setup dynamic ads as well. Dynamic ads are  have almost lower bidding for finding customer, as well as the ads are showing to those visitors who have visited your website and thats why its click through rate is also higher. 
And from the day of launching Remarketing ads its known to be the best technique to increase the conversions compared to other forms of online marketing. Now you were obiviously thinking that What is Remarketing Ads and How we can startup. well i am writing this post to share the remarketing knoweldge. so here is all your questions.
What is Remarketing Ads and Dynamic Remarketing Advertisement?
Remarketing Ads

IF a visitor has visited your website and left your site for some reason then through remarketing ads you can reach those customer, the ads will be display to google display partners, if your customer are surfing those website then your ads will be shown there. This options is available for all online business.
Dynamic Remarketing Ads – 
Google has recently launched almost in June 2013 a new way to target customer is dynamic remarketing ads, where you will see product names and prices, and this both things with image appear in display ads.
This things happened when an online shopper visited any online shopping website product detail page and then left that page without checkout then again you have chance to find that customer through dynamic remarketing ads. Now how it will work.
Here are steps to set up a Google Dynamic Remarketing campaign.

1. Add the Google Dynamic Remarketing Tag on Your Site

Before you launch your Dynamic Remarketing campaign, First things you need to do is define your goals.
  • Find your highest converting visitors?
  • What products are selling more?
  • Which category is getting more orders?
Once you have all this goal define you can start with account setup
The fist things you need to do is install the remarketing tag on your website, You need to add the remarketing tag on the pages that you want to target, Remarketing tags must be add before closing </body> tag. To get more information about the Google remarketing tag Click here.
After adding the remarketing tag you need to verify all the tags, to verify you need to use Google Tag Assistant or Google Tag Manager.

2. Create a New Campaign in Google Adword

Now Click on “+New campaign” in the drop down menu as shown in the below diagram
Create a new campaign for Dynamic Remarketing
Now Choose “Display Network only” on the campaign page.
Select Display Network
Write name of Campaign and set location.

3. Choose Your Bids and Budget

Set your desired bid that gives you most clicks and budget amount that shows your ads continuously.
Select Ad rotation and frequency capping, so you can restrict how many time ads can shown to single user

4. Create an Ad Group in Remarketing Campaign

Select “Campaigns” > “New ad group.” 
Provide Name to your Ad Group, and Like wise a default bid for campaign you can set a group bid, please when you set a group bid, this will be consider.

5. Set up your Google Dynamic Remarketing Lists

To select the remarketing list you need to navigate to “Interests & remarketing” > “Remarketing lists,” Now use the provided arrows to add different user groups to selected audiences.

6. Create Dynamic Ads for your Remarketing Ad Group

Select ad sizes. Google defaults to a specific layout and size, as shown on the right, below.
Now you have to link your Google Merchant Center with AdWords.

7. Add your Logo

Use the drop down to add your site’s logo.
Choose a remarketing ad headline.

8. Customize Ad Colors to look best

Personalize your ad with customized colors to look it more attractive.
Now Save and preview to see how your ad will looks to customers. 
This post is developed using material of Google Adwords and Article of Practical ecmmorce website. If you need any Services of Google Adwords then contact Vijay bhabhor (SEO, SMO and Google Adword help provider).