4 Steps in Developing a productive SEO strategy in 2023

Here, We going to discuss about creating effective SEO strategy in 2020

It is not that simple to create a business venture, get customers, generate profit and then run the business in a successful manner. A lot of conditions need to be fulfilled if you want your business to kick off properly and then run in a successful manner as well.

Today, we see that most brands are running their businesses online and the numbers of physical outlets are declining. This change of approach has several reasons behind it. One of them is the never ending technological advancements.

If you look at the buying practices of people ten years back, the concept of buying things online was an alien concept.

People did not have smart phones and television commercials were mainly used to market products and services. This marketing theme has changed drastically with the introduction of smart phones and digital marketing.

Most people do not even consider visiting a physical outlet to buy things. For them, shopping is nothing but adding products to the cart, checking out and making digital payments.

This change of buying behaviour has introduced the world of SEO to us. For any brand to be successful, it is highly important to have a successful SEO strategy.

This strategy changes with the passage of each year. Based on the trends that are being practiced, you need to modify the SEO strategy is a way that it matches the recent online trends.

For the year 2020, the following points should be a part of your strategy if you want your brand to be successful. Before you we go into details check these 60+ SEO tools that can help you in strengthening SEO of your site within a blink of an eye.

1. Inclusion of video content works well

The preferences of people change with the passage of time. If you look at the earlier SEO strategies, simple text content with correct keywords used to be enough but this is not the case now. Today, video content is taken as a mandatory factor. You need to learn advanced techniques and become top SEO Expert to achieve results.

People prefer looking at videos instead of reading text descriptions. Thus, brands which have videos of their websites develop a large clientele within no time. An example would provide a more detailed insight.

  • People like looking at the products they are interested in before they finally spend money and purchase them. Watching videos is the best way to understand what the product is actually like and whether it matches your needs or not. For instance, consider that you want to buy a collar shirt. When you view different product options on the internet, simply reading the features in text form would not help you. As people are unable to touch their favourite products while purchasing them online, viewing videos is an important parameter that gives a proper insight of the product. Today, websites that have proper videos of their products never face challenges for getting customers.
  • In the year 2020, the trend of video content is expected to increases further as people these days are not interested a lot in reading text. Videos are more explanatory than written text and this factor attracts people. Simply reading about a product, its features and other details may not be enough to take the correct decision. In a nutshell, if you want to get rated highly by Google in the year 2020, ensure that you have Optimised video SEO content on your website.

2. Keep a check on post click progress

The relevance of a website with respect to user searches is determined by the time he spends on the website. For determining this, keep a check on the post click progress of a website. In other words, you need to keep an eye on the behaviour of the user after he clicks your link.

  • Consider that one user clicks your link and then returns to the Google home page after a time span of 10 seconds. What does this mean? It simply means that the website did not match user requirements or the content published was substandard. In other words, the user did not find your website good enough. On the other hand, if the post click activity shows that the user spent an hour on your website and then even returned after some time, it simply means that your website is as per standard and the user finds it relevant. With the passage of time, the level of competition between websites is increasing. Keeping a check on the post click progress would help you in surviving this competition and improving the website.

3. Understanding the importance of featured snippets

At times, when we visit the grocery mart, we do get confused while purchasing the product for the first time.

Most people read the product ingredients to decide whether they should purchase it or not.  The same purpose is served by snippets. When you search for a product on the internet, you would see snippets right above the actual link.

In simple basic terms, a snippet is an insight of the detailed information which the website would provide. A good snippet can actually convince the user for visiting the website even when he is not interested initially.

  • The content of the snippet makes a lot of difference and lengthy statements are a big no. Use simple statements that should not be very promotional. Keep the content brief and realistic and use casual statements so that readers find the information interesting. In the recent times, the popularity of snippets has increased a lot. The moment a viewer finds the snippet interesting, he would click the link to the website on an immediate scale. On the other hand,, a boring snippet that provides bookish information can also convince the user to exit the page.
  • The content of a featured snippet should be decided after proper analysis. For instance, you can use images and graphs along with text but this should be done only if the need is there. Do not stuff images only because you want to make the snippet content exclusive and outstanding. In most cases, brands use the headlines of their company or product line. This obviously helps in getting the attention of potential buyers and increasing the conversion rate.
  • Why are snippets important and why do websites with this feature get an upper hand? This question has a simple and straightforward answer. With so many websites available on similar subject areas, it becomes hard to choose the ones that are best.  It is obvious that if there are thousands of websites on a certain topic, it would be hard for users to make the correct selection. Going through snippets is one of the best ways to judge a website. If you see that the snippet has interesting content, you can click the website and view the content provided. You need to realize that users skip a high percentage of websites when they are searching for information. Even if you have the best content and set of products, getting attention from potential buyers is only possible if they end up clicking your link. If they do not even click your link, they would not view the content on your website. Having a snippet is a productive way of getting traffic on your website.

4. Continue the focus on UI/UX

In the recent days, the importance of On Page Optimization of user interface and user experience has increased at a very fast pace. In the year 2020, this is expected to continue. Particularly, Google rates UI and UX at a very high level. They are key parameters used to rate a website and award it with a rank.

If a website falls low in terms of user experience, it would be hard to acquire a high rank. Other than that, if a website does not have a good rank, the traffic that is expected to come its way would decrease. Thus, website owners should make sure that the UI and UX factors are up to the mark, a user would only select a website if the user experience is up to the mark.

  • User experience covers a number of areas including the design of the website. Most users prefer websites that are extremely easy to use as they do not want to make any additional effort and go through a learning process. The moment they feel that the interface is complicated and the overall experience is hard to interpret, they would make an exit and look for easier websites. To get better SEO results, you have to be sure that the user experience is absolutely perfect.


The best results for SEO depend a lot on how well you have drafted your strategy and whether things are according to customer needs or not.

In the present time, you cannot expect your website to hold the top position if the content is stuffed with keywords as search engine policies have changed a lot.

Today, readers have major concerns about the content written on websites. If they figure out that things are not up to the mark, they simply look for better websites.

The strategy is very simple and website owners should focus on the updated SEO trends. Content quality and user experience are two core components that decide the fate of any website.

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