What are the benefits of writing unique and SEO-friendly content?

The internet is full of content on different topics.  Having a sustainable ranking position in search results is the need of the hour.

People rely on Google search results when they want any information. So, you need to build your presence on the internet.

As a content writer, your goal is to market your content. You need more and more visitors to come to your website and consume your content.

But how can you compete with others in terms of your website’s ranking? The straight answer is writing unique and SEO-friendly content.

Let’s dive deep into the topic to understand the benefits of search engine optimized content for your website.

Benefits of writing unique and SEO friendly content:

As a webmaster your responsibility becomes twofold. You not only have to take care of your readers’ interests but also need to focus on search engine ranking factors.

Unique and SEO-friendly content helps you cope with both issues. Therefore, it has many benefits for your business.

Following are some of the prominent benefits such content brings to your website:

·       Google ranks unique content:

Unlike common people, you should not take search engine ranking for granted. For instance, you are a user and you search for a query. You will get a drop-down list of search results.

Have you ever thought about why a website ranks in the top position and not on the second or third page? It all depends upon Google algorithms.

And Google clearly specifies some quality rater guidelines for you to rank your website. One of them is unique and valuable content that is helpful for the user.

Moreover, if we talk specifically about Google algorithms, the Panda algorithm boosts the ranking of the website if it has high-quality and unique content.

Since unique content is very important, you must check your content with a plagiarism checker to know its uniqueness.

Therefore, it’s established that Google ranks the website that furnishes unique content.

·       SEO friendly content gets more clicks

Google ranking factors have always been the top priority of webmasters. Because they want to rank their website on the top pages.

The reason is simple. They want more people to click on their website. And that’s possible only when your website gets the top-ranking position.

When we talk about CTR, we often think of it in terms of marketing. As SEO is an important tool to market your content, so click-through-rates are also much important.

Your content creation becomes a total waste if no one gets attracted to it. When your content is following the SEO factors, it automatically gets an overflow of clicks and reads. Research tells that the first five organic search results get more than 60% of the clicks.

So, it proved that SEO-friendly content attracts more eyes than non-optimized content.

·       SEO friendly content increases your conversion rates

We all know that Google asks webmasters to write for the users and not for search engines.

The main reason is that when you apply all the SEO techniques and create a well-formatted and well-researched article, you furnish something new and updated.

And the users give their heart to the content that brings innovation into their life. Unique and SEO-oriented content is easy to read, informative, and problem-solving.

That’s why such content caters to the needs of a wide range of audiences. In addition, Google gives thumbs up to such content because your readers adore it.

In this way, such content increases your product’s conversion rates because the readers turn into customers.

How you can create unique and SEO-friendly content?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule to create content that ranks and markets your business. You always need to keep on updating your techniques.

Yet, you can create a difference among your competitors if you apply these techniques to create unique and SEO-friendly content.

·       Bring life to your words:

You know, no one likes to read robotic and bland words. Because such content can’t convey what you want them to convey. Likewise, the content that comes from the inside of your mind affects the emotions of the readers.

That’s why you need to write in your own words to create a spark in your writing. This flair helps you attract the readers as if they are spellbound.

However, if you found it hard to write everything by yourself, you can take the help of an online rephraser.

It also helps to change the words of your text and gives a more comprehensible and unique touch to your writing. It helps to flow the creative juices inside your content.


Therefore, plagiarism-free content is the holy grail of bloggers and it helps your content appear the top SERPs.

·       Sprinkle keywords in your content:

When I say sprinkle, it means, adding the right amount of keywords. SEO still revolves around keywords. Therefore, you can simply overlook its importance.

Use different keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, ahrefs, and many others to get the best primary as well as long-tail keywords.

Once you add the high search volume and low competition keywords in your text, you hint the Google algorithms that your content is relevant to any search query containing those keywords.


If your focus keyword is “online marketing”, search it in ahref’s keyword explorer to check the volume of that keyword. And if it has good volume make a cloud of that keyword in your article.

In this way, your content becomes SEO optimized and is bound to get a high ranking in the SERPs.

Wrapping up:

Content is king and will remain for a long time. But content without SEO is simple trash that neither ranks the search results nor impacts the readers.

The main reason is that it is plagiarized and it does not appear in the good books of Google. This means such content affects the ranking of your website.

Therefore, SEO friendliness is the key when it comes to ranking and great user experience. Thus, you need to create unique and SEO-oriented content for your blog.

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