How to Use Paraphrasing Tools to Jumpstart Your Blogging Journey?

One of the finest ways to express yourself or your ideas on a certain niche/topic in your own words is to start your blog. You can improve your writing skills by blogging; if you do it seriously, you could even make a fortune.

You may start making money easily if you get 1K+ organic visitors to your blog site. You can make money through Google advertisements and affiliate commissions if you have the necessary writing skills.

Starting a new blog and getting it monetized is a very daunting task. When starting your blogging journey, you must make sure that you consistently create and post articles.

Posting at least two to five posts daily is very important if you want to apply for monetization. 

Writing 4000-5000 words daily is quite impossible, especially if you don’t have much experience in blog writing.

The alternative way is to hire many writers to write fresh blog articles daily. But the problem is that it can be very expensive to hire a writer for blogging.

If you don’t have the time or energy to write multiple articles daily and are also low on budget, it is best to take help from online paraphrasing tools.

What are Paraphrasing Tools | How Can They Help Bloggers? 

Online paraphrasing, commonly known as paraphrasing tools, are cloud-based utilities that automatically rewrite already written content in different words and unique styles/tones.

These tools can rewrite text using the latest machine learning and AI-powered sentence & synonym changer techniques.

You must know that modern paraphrasing tools can be used to recompose low-quality content better, and you can also use these tools to remove duplicates from your drafts.

The content generated by the modern AI-powered paraphrasing tools is unique and different from the original post.

The tool, however, ensures that the paraphrased content conveys the same message/context as the original draft. 

Bloggers can use the best online paraphrasing tools to create unique content capital in a very short time. Most bloggers use the manual paraphrasing technique to rewrite articles in their own words posted on other websites/blogs.

Manual paraphrasing can take a lot of time, and if you are not good at it, there is always a chance that your draft will have plagiarism in it.

Therefore, a new blogger must always take help from the most well-reputed paraphrasing tools. 

How Are Online Paraphrasing Tools Helpful for Bloggers?

Online paraphrasing tools are very helpful for bloggers of all levels. Whether a new or experienced blogger, you can get help from the best tools. 

Later in this post, we have discussed the two most popular and reliable tools for bloggers, but before that, let us discuss some of the key points of these tools which make them appealing to bloggers. 

  • Saves Time 

The biggest assistance that the paraphrasing tool provides is that it saves time. An article you would rewrite manually in an hour can be rephrased with an online paraphrasing tool in less than seconds.

If you have less time to write, you should rewrite old content with the tool and publish fresh content.

  • Prevents Plagiarism 

The best thing about using an online paraphrasing tool is that it prevents duplication. The tool rewrites content in different words and an entirely different sentence structure.

The content generated by these tools would be free of plagiarism. The originality can be cross-checked with a well-reputed plagiarism checker. 

  • Repurpose Old Ideas/Articles

A blogger can use online paraphrasing tools to rewrite published blog articles in different words. 

Paraphrasing tools can be used to repurpose your old articles or borrow ideas/content from another blog site. But you must add citations when paraphrasing content from another blog site.

  • Improves Quality Issues

The content generated by the online paraphrasing tool would be free of all kinds of human errors. You would not find any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or missing punctuations in the rephrased content.

  • Improves Readability 

The text rephrased by the online paraphrasing tool would be very much readable. The tool wouldn’t only rewrite content in different words/phrases and make the output more concise and digestible. 

Other than all these features, you must know that the content created by online paraphrasing would be engaging for the readers. 

Best Online Paraphrasing Tools for Bloggers in 2023

We have handpicked the two most reliable options out of hundreds of paraphraser tools on the web! 

One of the most professional and reliable paraphrasing platforms is! This site cum tool can be used by students, bloggers, website owners, digital marketers, and all other users related to the writing fraternity.

Rephraser tool

This is because this easy-to-use paraphrasing tool offers different rewriting modes for different parties. 

The “BLOG” mode offered by this rephraser tool is specifically designed for bloggers and site managers. To rewrite blog content, it is best to use this mode.

The process of rewriting content with this tool is very simple. 

  • Open the tool on your browser; 
  • Upload reference/borrowed text in the input box of the tool 
  • Select the “Blog” mode of the rephraser
  • Click on the “Paraphrase” button 
  • Export rephrased content from the output box

You could rewrite content in different words and a new style using the blog mode. The special feature of this mode is that it allows you to freeze keywords targeted in the original content.

The rephrased version would be unique but would provide the same context and would have the same keywords.

The second most popular paraphrasing tool for bloggers is! This tool is also very easy to use, and this is all because of its simple interface.

You should check out this if you want a simple, friendly tool to recompose old blog posts. 

If you want to rewrite your old drafts or have borrowed content from another blog site, you can use the seo mode of this paraphrasing tool. To rewrite content, you have to:

  • Open the tool on your browser;
  • Drop the text that you have copied from another source
  • Select the “SEO” mode for rewriting the post
  • Click on the “Paraphrase” button
  • Copy/export the paraphrased text from the output box

The SEO mode allows bloggers to freeze keywords used in the original draft. The new content would have the same keywords but different synonyms and a new sentence structure.

The tool is powered by artificial intelligence, so its results are human-like and readable. You can also use this tool to remove plagiarism from your blog content.

These are the two most popular tools to help you jumpstart your journey as a blogger in 2023!

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