7 Reasons Why Employee Quit Their Jobs

Today I was surfing facebook website and one of my facebook friend “wordsmith Australia” has written a status updates regarding Why People Quit Their Jobs? After reading all the points I think i will share with my friends. So i have shared it with my facebook and I have also written in my blog.

  • Employees are often asked/required to do a job that really requires the work of two or more people. (which =’s total burnout, fast), because of that they dont quit job, they just say no to the boss, a survey shows that.

  • Employees are constantly shuffled around and reorganized. The endless change of direction is very frustrating.
  • Favoritism plays a clear role in one of the reasons why people quit their jobs. Other employees receive better offices, bigger projects and more opportunity.
  • The management team preaches the ideals of cooperation and teamwork, but then creates and atmosphere where departments are in competition.
  • Employees who lack proper training or experience are promoted to management roles. Good employees are alienated and driven away.
  • Reviews, raises and promotions aren’t completed in a timely manner, meaning employees could go find a new job that pays more somewhere else.
  • Goals are not clear, making employees feel like they simply cannot win.

Why Few Employees Love to work – Job Satisfaction Infographics

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