10 Proven Employee Engagement activities that you can start today

After a long break I would like to share on how to engage your existing employees and new coming employees. I would like to share some activities that really helpful in engaging, I have read some employee engagement activities on different websites and here are some of the best ideas to try in 2016 to not only engage your employees but also to improve customer engagement, your company sales growth, to improve inovation.
employee engagement activities
Survey has shown that 87% of employee are not engaged in their job, if you can follow my researched 3 tips then you might be improve 20% of your current employee engagement activities and that might help your organization to retain most of the top employees.
Employee Engagement activities

Relationship with Managers 

75% people don’t quit their job the quit their boss

How to improve this ratio

  1. Start Coaching program
  2. Take Feedback
  3. Show Opportunities to develop

Happiness – Keep Employee happy both at work and outside office

Happy Workers are 12% more productive, Please check whether your employee is happy at work or not, its not only case of happiness at work, but if someone is not happy outside the office then he might be not productive at work.

3 Ways to make your employ happy

  1. Respect Employees
  2. Ask for Ideas
  3. Show Genuine Concern

Work on Employee Wellness –

health is wealth, run a wellness program which provide clear benifits

3 ways to Run wellness program

  1. Walk around Frequently
  2. Provide healthy snacks
  3. Offer a Gym Membership

Company Alignment –

the way that employees align with the company’s core value has direct effect on company’s bottom line profit.

3 way to Improve company alignment

  1. Repeat the core value
  2. inspire with the mission
  3. Teach employees the vision

Workplace satisfaction

Have open and honest communication so that an employee can say their work is meaningful or not.

3 ways to improve employee workplace satisfaction

  1. Pay Fairly
  2. Enable Employee
  3. Give Clarity of their Job role

Relationship with Colleague

Socializing with colleague is the only thing proven to make you as happy when you are not at work

3 way to Improve internal staff relationship

  1. Organize team events
  2. Encourage informal chat
  3. Let employees work together

Take Feedback From Employee

15% Lower turnover rates in companies that implement regular employee feedback

3 option to take feedback from employee

  1. Check in once per month
  2. Encourage peer feedback
  3. Ask for new Ideas

Employee Recognition Program

78% OFF employees said being recognized motivate in their job.

3 ways to run employee recognition program

  1. Praise once per week
  2. Ask coworkers to praise
  3. be specific with praise

Employee Personal Growth

Companies that invest more in training and career development outperform their peers.

3 ways to improve your employee personal growth

  1. Encourage side projects
  2. continuous learning
  3. repeat the mission

Company Recommendations

Ask employee  how you would recommend our company to your friends in out of 0 – 10 points (0 is Low – 10 is high).

3 ways to take company recommendation from employee.

  1. Emphasize their purpose
  2. Conduct interviews
  3. Get feedback on the culture
For detailed information you can visit 15 employee engagement activities on slideshare. You can share your ideas in comment for improving employee engagement.