Hire Google Ads ( Adwords ) Experts in Surat

Are you looking for Google Ads Expert in Surat? If yes then I will help you whether you are looking for training or campaign setup and management services.

Hi, I am Vijay Bhabhor, Google ads certified professional having more than 10+ years of digital marketing experience. Apart from Google Adwords campaign management services I provide SEO training in Surat location.

My expertise is not limited to Google Ads, I can help you to learn SEO, Facebook Ads and Lead Generation.

Hire Certified Google Ads Expert in Surat

Google Ads Expert Campaign Setup and Management

I am Google Adwords Search Certified. Check is my Google adwords certificate.

Vijay Bhahor Google Adwords CertificateFrom 2009 I started working with Google Adwords and I will help your business to run Google adwords ads on search network, display network.

Google Adwords has launched lots of new features that help to find targeted customer.

Check How To setup Google adwords.

Google Ads Account Structure

Account Structure & Important Facts

Adwords Campign structure

Google Ads Campaign Setup Guideline

Industry research :

Its important for me to know your industry, I need to find the advertising potential, your audience, your website products and services, work like a market research. It’s important for me to take decisions that whether search or display campaign will work better for us.

Website analysis :

I will setup by step do the detailed analysis of your Google analytics data, website service, products, website structure, page loading time, landing page structure and finally I will create the most effective adwords Marketing campaign.

Conversion tracking setup:

Before running a campaign I believe if we spend some time on Google analytics and conversion setup then it will be easy to measure effectiveness on campaign and helps making wise decisions. So I setup necessary tracking first and then proceed to next step.

Keyword research :

Once the industry research and website analysis complete I focus on finding profitable keywords having lowest CPC, this always helped me to rank higher for keywords that non other my competitors are targeting. I used to stay away from the Generic keywords. Advanced feature of keywords targeting in Google adwords Search Campaign helped me to make more effective campaign . Now we can use Modified broad match that shows only relevant and new keywords that no tool can show us.

Campaign & Ad groups setup

We need to organise campaign and ad groups based on budget, target location, keywords and timings so in future we can manage it easily.

Effective Ads writing

For each adgroups we need to write 3 to 4 ads which has clear call to actions and message.

Advance Bid management

Time to time we need to monitor the progress of campaign and optimise the cpc bids, Once we get some awesome conversions we can play more with Google adwords bidding.

Google Ads Campaign Structure with Examples

Google Adwords Expert Campaign Structure Suggestion for Dentist BusinessGoogle Ads Campaign structure for dentistGoogle Ads Expert Campaign Structure Suggestion for Online Boutique – Clothing 

Learn how to setup ROI Based adwprds Campaign for Boutique Business

Google Ads Expert Campaign Structure Suggestion for Online Course

Learn how to setup ROI Based adwprds Campaign for Design and programming school Business

Structure for targeting multiple country

Adwords struture

Structure for shoes Business

Shoes Google Ads Campaign Structure

Campaign Structure for Hotel & Flight booking

Structure for hotel buisness


From above mentioned campaign structure, Apply most relevant to your business and see the performance.  If you find any difficulty in Google Ads campaign setup or management then contact me . You will get complete solutions at affordable prices.

Hire Google Ads Expert

After 9+ years of experience on Google ads services we come across a process that match the requirements of both business owner and marketer. Here is the process of hiring google ads expert services.


Google Adwords service structure

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