How to write strong and secure passwords for social website.

The truth is that we have to create us so many passwords for many websites that in the end is a nightmare to remember them. If we sign up for a website, a tool, in many subscriptions, to leave a simple comment … for all we ask passwords.
safe and secure password

And is that many sites have their own rules and some require a capital letter, other than enter 8 characters including numbers, symbols other than you think.

To create, maintain and remember many passwords and not die trying, I give you a few simple tips.

7 Tips for safe passwords

  1. Change your passwords every three months .
  2. Use catchy phrases: An action (like going to the gym) a song that you really like, your favorite dish (rice, food) etc.
  3. Do not use the name of your pet or your children. These names are usually published on your social network, which is not difficult to reach.
  4. Use symbols instead of letters. For example the @ is ideal replacement A.
  5. Mix your favorite phrase with symbols. This way you can use it in many places.
  6. Keep track of your passwords using a register. Sort them into columns that indicate used passwords and passwords active. So it will be easier to track.
  7. Of course not serious this file with the name “My Passwords”, put any other.