5 tips to Getting the right face care regimen

We all have a thirst for looking beautiful and I hope this article quenches that thirst and brings you one step closer to a beautiful face. Hope you smile at that beautiful face in the mirror, at your beautiful reflection and lastly hope you smile back at all those strangers out there who are going to be smiling at you because that’s how beautiful you are going to look.

Let us start our journey towards beauty by reading about facial masks, the right cream, cleansers, face serums, all purpose beauty kits and finally toners and astringents and see what the right products for you are.

Face treatment and face masks

If you want your skin to glow and appear even and hydrated then you should use a face mask. It will not only reduce your wrinkles but leave you smelling of fruits most likely.

When you want to relax after a long week at work make sure to get into a bubble bath complete with rose petals and a glass of wine and a face mask that suits your skin.

The face mask should protect your skin from large pores, acne and blemishes and oiliness. It should be absolutely free of paraben, sulphates and phthalates.

I suggest you go for a dermatological tested product which takes into account the requirements of sensitive skin. Almost all the good masks are meant for all kinds of skin and age.

Facial creams and moisturisers.

My favorite moisturiser is Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion which is best suited for sensitive skin. I can use it every time the skin feels dry. This product is not too expensive which is another plus point.

The next product called “hope in a jar” gets my thumbs-up as well. The product is great right from the packaging onwards and leaves the skin feeling healthy and fresh. It feels really light and is best suited for combination skin.

Another smart choice would be Neutrogena. For its low price it is quite a great product.


Face cleansing products

Chanel Gel Purete $45 is an extremely gentle cleanser and makes the dust, make up and dirt melt away.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming cleanser leaves your skin feeling like it has got the right amount of moisture and glow.

Juara Rice Facial cleanser $29 is well known among people with sensitive skin which is acne prone and mature. It makes the skin feel soft and hydrated.


Facial oils and serums

A face serum adds an unbelievable shine to the face and at the same time making it look totally natural.

These serums help fight ageing and at same time helps fight the negative effects of pollution.

From Yves Saint Laurent to Natures face serums in every price range work their magic and must be a part of your beauty regime

Facial skin care set and kit

There are a lot of facial skin care sets or kits available in the market today which contains a combination of three or four beauty products such as cleanser, face mask, night cream, moisturizer, serum, skin gel etc.

Finding the correct kit can be easy once you know which products you really want and how much are you willing to shell out for the products.


Toners and astringents

Toners should be a part of your daily skin care regimen because they restore the pH balance of the skin and they make pores appear smaller.

Toners can be used for dry skin whereas astringents can be used for oily and combination skin. Astringents literally clean the skin better than any other product but can cause drying.

If you have dry skin you should avoid toners and astringents with retinols, and benzoyl peroxides.

The right product for you will be water based and have ingredients like rosewater and chamomile extracts and derivates of vitamin B.

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