What are the trends that will decide the future of fashion ecommerce ?

I am working with fashion industry since 2010, and the fashion market has chanced a lot. I would like to share my e-Commerce experience and would like to share some shopping trends that will decide the future of fashion e-commerce.

The world has become such a strange place where most of the active group – millennial (people between the age group of 25-30) tends to move toward digital marketing and online shopping. They prefer shopping online because that is the easiest way to scroll through thousands of style statements, fashion, most trending ones and all under an affordable range. Another reason is that the target audience between this age group is highly tech savvy, socially active and loves to experiment. It is both easy and difficult to influence them with the latest trends with regarding their buying behaviour.

Nowadays, people are using e-shopping apps for more advanced features and benefits; for example, IndiaRush has the lightest shopping app for Android smartphones which provide unbeatable deals in women apparels, jewellery, accessories, watches and etc.

India Rush

The motto is not just to shop but purchasing online clothes from a reputed site or company to whom one can trust. To make sure, the company or the brand is the reputed one, people used to read the user-generated content online such as reviews, comments and etc.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms showcase the latest designs and patterns which also influence the buying process of the consumers. Other platforms like Fashion EDITS, which is the first digital magazine in India by IndiaRush also engage the customers by providing useful tips, reasons of trends and other factual data of recent fashion, gossips and etc.

The apps use the GPS system (if the location is enabled) to reach your place or to suggest best shopping places or products you can find nearby. So, finding a new trend in these days isn’t a big deal. Still, there are some major facts which are playing an important role in setting a trend of the future of fashion e-commerce.

Must Be Under A Comparable Range

The audience always wishes to enjoy a platter of discounts and offers and when they get the same by any website without compromising the quality, they stick to it. Now when it comes to a new trend, people also tend to check the worth of the product with its price tag. The range of the product is very important to allure the consumer.

The companies are targeting the psychographic of the consumers of different demographic segments while offering new style and fashion tips regarding the new trend so that they can feel comfortable about it.

Bollywood and the celebrities play a significant role in trendsetting. And companies and appointing these big faces for their brand and promotion which in turn influences consumer purchasing decisions and helps a lot in conversion.      

Trends That Can Stand Alone In The Crowd

Companies such as StalkBuyLove, IndiaRush, Koovs, are standing alone in the marketplace just because of their trendy collection, full of designer dresses under budget friendly level. The prices are below the level because they collect the products directly from the sellers and vendors. The offline markets cannot provide such amount of margin.

Talk about the ruffles, playsuits, rompers, saree lehengas, lehenga gowns are some of the year’s hit which has earned a lot of applaud around the nation. If you want to people love your brand then you must console them with the best of all.

Offering Fluid Shopping Experience

This has increased the app shopping mania among the consumers. And the reason behind this is simpler:

  •    Apps have enhanced the digital shopping experience.
  •    Provide an interactive digital phase for the consumer making it user-friendly
  •    Specifically designed pages for a particular product to project it like ethereal

Consumers can give product feedback as well, leaving a spot for improvement. These feedbacks are highly regarded by other consumers and customers.

Virtual E-Shopping

Many e-commerce platforms have started VR or virtual e-shopping for an effortless purchasing. A shopping platform such as Lenskart.com has a complete section of virtual shopping where a product can be tried and seen if it is matching on you or not. And many e-commerce platforms such as IndiaRush is planning and working on this as their 2020 goal to bring this until the end of 2020.

VES or Virtual E-shopping also makes the customer feel easy while shopping, changing and trying to see if the trend is setting on him or her or not. Without drenching under sweat, one can get a complete view of their appeal and appearance with any kind of product.

Social Media Promotion

Most of the successful retailers or e-commerce platforms have their spread on almost all kinds of social media platforms. Here people get the maximum review of any product and can be communicated directly. Features in Instagram or Pinterest where people can directly upload the image of the product have been an amazing an amazing platform for E-shopping.

In a survey, it has been reported that millennial use social media platforms for almost 13 hours in a day. And this stat’s ratio is just enough to say that why the companies are supporting social media content more to boost their e-Commerce platform.

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