List of Best fashion magazines for Men and women in India

Ultimate list of Best Fashion Magazines India.

The Fashion world has so many juices that go around and revolve around the fashion industry from trends to lifestyle needs of most known people and trendsetters.

We as people love to know about these things from taking advice for relationships to getting the latest information of trends.

Best fashion magazines from India.

1. Harper’s Bazaar – World Best Celebrities Magazine

This one here is one is widely known around the world, originated from America, the Indian edition is based on the fashion showcases of current trends and top fashion celebrities.

Harpers-Bazaar Fashion Magazines

All the talk about designers, events, Celebrity fashion icons is listed down here. For the Latest News on what’s going at Fashion Visit to

2. Maxim Magazine


This is a UK trending men’s fashion magazine which came to the Indian market in 2006. It covers reveal the most known females of the industry from singers, actresses, fitness perfectionists, and models. For more information visit

3.Vogue Magazine

This is India’s most-read fashion magazine also ranges as the topper, concentrates on the fashion needs of Indian women from places and stores to shop at, current trends, designer talk, stylists, lifestyle, and whatever is in vogue. To see what current going on in fashion news visit


4. Elle Magazine

This is a French Origin magazine which was first published in India in 1996, based on the lifestyle of Women(She) which each was based on the concept of women’s needs, what new for them, health, and relationship to travel. Visit and see the current fashion trends.


5. Femina – Oldest Fashion Magazines

It is one of the oldest fashion magazines Of India, based on women upliftment also the known sponsor of Miss India Pageant. Covers all the details of women’s health, advice, fitness, fashion, events, and much more. Check


6.Grazia –  International Magazines

Another vibrant dominant international magazine of Italian origin which is also based on the welfare of women, launched in 2008.

It consists of all the latest spots of shopping and the latest collection edition of top Indian designers. Visit


7. Cosmopolitan Magazines

Needless to say very popular with young women and teens, to find their fav gossips and advice on all women’s fashion and beauty as well as relationships.

It is a US-based magazine which is the largest selling fashion magazine with more than 60 international publications. Visit


8. Marie Claire Magazines

This is known for sharing women empowerment and courage of women power. Originated from France, and later issued in other languages.

It shares the celebrity voices and speaks for their wellness. Visit

Marie Claire

9. Women’s Era Magazines

It is the oldest magazine in India since 1973, which is widely now popular for distributing the stories of real people and families.

It also covers everything related to women and their needs and helping them with tips and advice. Visit

womens era

10. GQ India – Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

It’s a strong based Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle magazine which revolves around the needs of men today from stars to people who are keen to find the latest trends for men. Visit


Their living standards and stories of success are all listed up here.

These were some of the top fashion magazines from India which shows the interests of men and women relating to lifestyle.

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