Google Ads Course / Training in Surat

Join Google Ads Course in Surat to learn Search, Shopping, Display, Video campaign setup, and management.

Do you want to learn Google Adwords in Surat? If yes you are at the right place. We provide Google Adwords training in Surat with a practical approach.

Google Ads Formerly knows as Google Adwords is paid advertising platform of Google.

Who Can Join Google Adwords Training in Surat?

This Google Ads Course in Surat for

  1. Students
  2. PPC Marketer
  3. SEO Experts
  4. Business Owners

What you will learn in Google Ads Course?

We provide Google Adwords training in Surat covering 8 different module

  1. Basic Google Adwords Understanding – Account Setup, Bidding, Budget Allocation
  2. Search Advertising – Keywords, Campaign setup, Ad Groups, Ads, Extensions, Bidding
  3. Display Advertising – Audience Selection, Placements, Retargeting, Ads Setup Guidelines
  4. Video Advertising – Video Ads, Campaign Setup, Targeting, Bidding
  5. Tracking Conversion – Setup, Reports, Actions
  6. Resume writing & Interview Preparation
  7. Google Ads Certificates
  8. Freelancing / Career Guidance

Inquiry for Google Ads Course in Surat

I request you to write your current knowledge related to Google Adwords, where you face problems and what you want to learn, This will help us to craft a personalized Google Ads course for you.

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