Competitive Exam Reasoning Questions & Answers Video Guide

If you are preparing for the competitive exam whether its state level or national level your reasoning ability will be tested. Reasoning sections is always found in bank exam whether its SBI bank or IBPS bank exam, even some private banks like Union bank, ICICI, HDFC or Reserved bank of India they are also adding reasoning subject.
competitive exam Reasoning question answers
This post is all about your one step solutions, I have collected some best reasoning video from the youtube that you can watch here.

Why Reasoning is Important in Competitive exam?

Before I share all subject wise videos it’s very important to know why the big mind putting such a syllabus, Although the same work is not there in any job. Well we all are wrong, I will put my opinion here may be few will agree with me others might not.  Reasoning Ability is important because it helps to find the right conclusion from the information that we provided
Syllabus for Reasoning

Reasoning course is divided in 2 parts

  1. Verbal Reasoning topics
  2. Non verbal Reasoning topics
Topics Covered in Verbal Reasoning topics
  1. Learn quicker solutions for Number series questions

2) Learn how to give fast answer to Letter & symbol series questions

  1. Know how to give right answer to Statement and argument related reasoning questions
  2. Quicker solutions for Logical problems
  3. Fast solutions for Alphabet test
  4. Quicker solutions for Passage and conclusions related reasoning problems
  5. A simple and fast solutions for Blood relations problems
  6. Direction sense test reasoning quicker solutions
  7. Input output problem solution
  8. Learn how to give fast answers of Coding-decoding Questions
  9. Problem on Number ranking a quick solutions
  10. Fast answers of Making judgments etc.

Topics Covered in Non verbal Reasoning topics

  1. Simple Solutions for Making series / analogy questions
  2. Classification Problem quick answers
  3. Series test – Complete guide and fast solutions
  4. Odd figures – Problems and answers
  5. Miscellaneous test etc. – Know what other topics can be asked.