Chetan Bhagat One night at call centre

Like Half Girlfriend Novel, Chetan Bhagat brings one of the best Novel Called “One night at call centre

This a story of six people working at a call center. The stories of all six characters individually is beautifully narrated and merged well with the moments when they are at the call center and working together.

One night at the call center

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The book sends out two messages. One that we should not only think of god when we are going through bad times but God is like a steering wheel and should always be thought of even in good times in order for him to guide us in the right direction.

Like One Indian girl book, Chetan bhagat in one night at call center book send a  second message is that we should follow our hearts so that we do not later regret not having seized the moment. This is another one of Chetan Bhagat’s unputdownable books. You can read