Tata Zest XMS Petrol Review after Using 78000KM

First I would like to say that this is not a Promotional post of tata Zest. I am Vijay Bhabhor, Living in Surat and I am one of the proud owners of tata zest XMS Petrol car.

On February 2020 I have used my tata zest almost 71000 KM in 5+ years, I have mostly Used Tata zest for long trip around 350 to 700 KM.

Tata Zest XMS 2014 Model Review After 71000 KM

Bridgestone Tire Feedback [OLD 2014 Model ]

Bridgestone tire is awesome in braking and handling, Long for 38000 KM, Changed.

JK Tyre – Used from 38000 to 75000 KM

Now Using JK Tyre, Little-bit noisy but best Value for Money tire Like my Zest.

Updated New Yokohma Tyre on 75000KM

Its Smooth, highly reliable at speed, Improved mileage, I feel better than bridgstone.

Battery Review

  • Battery Long for 3 years, in 2018  I have replaced with a tata green battery.
  • Another battery replaced in 2020 – Right now using BOSCH Battery.

Clutch Plate

Replaced clutch plate in September 2020.

1.2 Revotron Petrol Engine Feedback

  • Driven almost 78000 KM [ Updated December 2020 ], Till date not faced any issue related to engine.
  • Sometimes I feel less power delivery in eco mode, but I believe this is due to my changed driving habits. I started using tata zest in Eco mode and now I am mostly driving tata zest on City and Sports mode.

Steering Feedback

  • Smooth and fast Steering Response, but when your battery is low you will fill a little hard, you will feel this mostly in third to four years of using tata zest.
  • Steering controls – Sometimes volume buttons, not works, but it depends on you how much you are using it on a regular basis.

Door Locks &S Side Mirror Review

  • Lock issue is there, sometimes doors lock not open inside and some time out, Its also fixed automatically. I believe it more programming issues.
  • Up and down window Glass motors fixed once, the cost was very minimal.

Dashboard, AC Vents Review

  • After 3 Years of Usage 1 of my AC Vents Adjustment was broken, I have replaced that.
  • Speakers installed on Dashboard gives fantastic sound.

1.2 Petrol Mileage Received

  • Zest in the city Milege is giving  between10 to 14 KM/L – Mostly Depends on Your driving style and traffic you facing
  • Highway Driving – 15 to 16 [ 100 to 110 Speed ]
  • Highway Driving – 16 to 18 [ 90 Speed ]


[ OLD REVIEW of Tata Zest ]

I have written a tata zest XMS petrol car review to help others to know how Tata zest petrol car actually performs on roads,  maintenance cost and it’s Driving Mode ( Eco, Sports, City ), Suspensions, Seating comfort, Headlights and more.

So Read my full tata zest long term User review and still If you have any Concern or Doubts and wants to know more about my personal experience on tata zest petrol car then please Message me in Comment or email me.

Tata Zest XMS Review


I was looking to buy a car in the budget of 4 Lakh to 6.5 Lakh I was searching for a car with safety, full entertainment, comfort, and Styles.

You don’t believe me, So many times I have checked different cars on carwale. I was regularly comparing swift dezire, Honda amaze, Hundai xcent, Toyota Etios and download their quotation from carwale website, and the research and buying process continues till the launch of tata zest in 2014.

I was fully prepared for buying a compact sedan, In 2014 there are limited options available but now the compact sedan market is expanded and you have many options to select. If you are planning to buy an new compact sedan then do check some comparisons like below I have done. You have more options

The car industry has expanded too much and they have improved all cars in terms of look, safety, and entertainment.

Reasons For BuyingTata Zest XMS Petrol in 2014

In 2014 tata zest XMS petrol car has impressed me lots compared to other cars, I was mainly attracted to tata zest Looks, entertainment system, safety features, and budget. And Finally, I can say that my choice was right. I am very happy with the support I received from Shreeji Automart tata motors in surat.

Now in 2020 when I check the price of tata zest, I  noticed that the price is increased compared to what I have purchased in 2014,  I am totally surprised. But due to poor market research, they have not upgraded it.

Also, I heard that the New Zest XMS petrol car is now no more coming with alloy wheel. Still, the price is not dropped – this shows the customer trust and success of Zest tata.

My Car-Buying Requirement

I was looking for a car in which interior and exterior impress me with full features.

  • Alloy wheel
  • Airbags
  • Abs
  • Good sound System
  • Budget Limited to Below 6.5 Lakh On Road Price
  • I know that the common features like AC, Power staring, power windows come if I go for 5+ Lakh car.

While research my main requirement was the car with alloy wheel, airbags, abs, Good sound system on budget 6 – 6.5 Lakh, But When I was checking On the road price of all the car with the same feature the price was getting little high and was not matching my pockets.

This all research was done before launching of tata zest, And you don’t believe me almost 90% I prepared for buying Hyundai Xcent.

Now the story turn, The time was launching of all new Tata Zest in 2014, TV ads, paper Ads matching My dream car. Initially, I discussed with my office friends,  I have Watched videos of Renuka Kriplani about zest tata.  You may like to see that video.

Finally, I come to carwale started comparing features, found on-road prices and books for a test drive. After the Test drive, I was very impressed with the car, and My discussion of buying car continues with my friends, the concern was only about tata brand trust.

After deciding for buying a zest tata, I was confused about choosing a color, At that time Only blue color zest tata was available in surat, but the Internet and youtube have shown me white zest tata.

And after clearing all payments  I received my dream Tata zest car within 20 to 25 days on initial launch. And In my case Zest was the first car that I had driven, and I had bought after taking the first test drive.

Speed Test on Express Way

On the Way towards Ahmadabad & Baroda Express Way (Minimum Traffic) Road I crossed 160 KM speed in sports mode. I suggest 90KM to 110 KM speed for zest is best.

Tata Zest XMS Petrol Car Dealer in Surat

I had purchased Zest XMS (Petrol) From Shreeji Automart, Surat and they had provided me on time. The guidance Given from the salesmen Mr. Dinesh during the test drive was impressed me, and I have switched from Zest XM to the Zest XMS model.

The exterior of Tata Zest XMS

The exterior is amazing, you can’t complain it, Front view, side view looks modern, Almost a complete package from the front, Alloy wheels gives some modern looks and I am sure it will not allow me to think for a new car in next few years.

Tata Zest XMS Petrol Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) 

Space, comfort on zest is outstanding, just I was missing Rare AC, but At this price segment, I have no complaints. The music system by Harmen is just outstanding, Speakers are performing beyond expectations. Speedometer, Steering, and seats are very comfortable.

3 big People comfortably seat at the back seat, and 4 people can also be adjusted for short trips.

Tata Zest Engine Performance, Fuel Economy & Gearbox

I had completed 21000 Km and completed 2 free services. The engine is performing well, We can drive easily around 120 KM – 130KM Speed on highway – at an average of 14 – 16KM

The gearbox is very smooth

When we drive  around 70 to 90 Speed in Eco Mode – the average is Coming under 19

When we drive  around 70 to 90 Speed in City Mode – the average is Coming under 17

When we drive  sports mode (Speed above 120) – the average is Coming  15 to 16

I had attached proof of the average I received. I had crossed 332 KM in 5 hours – Including highway and Surat City Traffic. I measure this from Dahod to Adajan, Surat trip.

I have also made a complaint of average but when the service manager drives my car around 20 KM with AC OFF, My average was coming 22+ on ECO and 19 on Sports mode – We have tracked this on average indicators.

Ride Quality & Handling Quality With Speed Test of Tata Zest

Fantastic car when it comes to handling, Brakes are Nice as I have ABS, Used on first driving and car remain stable even on placing high-speed brakes. Steering remains stable.

Final Words on Tata Zest XMS

I can say that the best car comes to me at the right time. I am enjoying long drives. And I am the happy and proud owner of the Tata Zest.

Staff and Service Manager at Shreeji Auto Mart Surat are very supportive. Also, I am happy that tata motors itself are checking all the improvements. After Purchase Initial 3 months they had contacted me regularly to check the performance.

Even today after service they are also recording customer feedback.

Areas of Improvement in tata zest

Door Noise & Mileage can be improved but still no complaint, Other things I didn’t notice, As maybe it’s my first car it fulfills all my needs.

57 thoughts on “Tata Zest XMS Petrol Review after Using 78000KM”

  1. Sir ji whats ur reviews on service of the car , how much time they take to do the service, do they deleiver it on commited time .

    Do let us know about service charges n all.

  2. Hi Ankur,

    Well on first service They have delivered the car on the same day. Its free services so I was not charged anything.

    Ezhill Arasan, Bolt is really nice car, I have views some video which shows that the revetron is more refined then zest. Regarding your average issue, Almost many people are complaining even in zest that there average is down. May be this is issue of summer. If you are getting this milege in city then its not an issue. If you have crossed 2500 to 3000+ KM then reset your average meter and test it by driving at constant speed, also maintain the RPM.

    As per my experience to get best mileage I recommend

    I suggest you to check your air pressure, Keep it constant in 4 tires (check the recommend air pressure for bolt)

    Gear shifting – Keep speed and RPM RPM between 1 – 2 is fine, if you shift gear above 2+ your mileage start dropping.

  3. I am confused between Honda Amaze Ex petrol and Tata Zest XM petrol. Need courage to buy a TATA product.

  4. मैंने TATA ZEST XMS REVETRON नवम्बर 2014 में खरीदा। गाड़ी का exterior व interior बहुत ही अच्छा है। अभी तक गाड़ी लगभग 2200 km ड्राइव कर चुका हूँ । मैंने कभी भी ECO व Sport mode में गाड़ी drive नहीं किया,क्यों की delhi की ट्रेफिक permission ही नहीं देती की आप किसी और mode पर drive करें। अभी तक मैंने जो Average निकाला हूँ वो निम्न प्रकार से है-
    1. Without AC in City -15.9 Km/L
    2. With AC in City -14.1 Km/L

    परंतु एक कमी ये लगी की गाड़ी स्टार्ट में red light पर जब रुकती है तो गाड़ी में हल्का vibration होता है जो की कंपनी के समझ से भ परे है। जबकि दो बार सर्विस सेंटर पर दिखा चूका हूँ। उनका कहना है की ये engine का vibration है परंतु और गाड़ी में ऐसा vibration है या नहीं, ये मालूम नहीं है। मैंने कंपनी में भी call किया हूँ परंतु अभी तक कोई जवाब नहीं आया है। अगर कोई उपाय हो तो बताएं की क्या किया जाए।

  5. Hi Shekhar,

    Well this is my first car, so I really dont know how other car is doing. The mileage you shared in city driving is amazing, I rarely cross 13 in city, but on highway I get better due to constant driving at a speed.

    Second regarding your issue, I think if TML are not able to understand then its very tough for other to give a solutions. I will test my zest and see how it will behave.

    Ravindra – If you are planning a car for 3 to 4 years then Tata zest is good options (due to its 3 year + extended 1 year warranty), If you compare it with amaze then you will see the difference, price are almost same may be just 5 to 6 thousand difference.

    If you are looking for Resele after 4 years then Maruti is best (But to maintain the car after 2 years you have to pay ) Also the price is almost 50K + , so after 4 years if you sale Zest then definitely you will get minimum 2.5 Lakh and might swift or amaze can be sold at 3 Lakh ( But when you consider last 4 year maintenance you Then I think we have already paid extra to keep car in good condition)

  6. Hi Vijaybhai I brought zest xm rt and after 850+ kms FE is 15.2 with all the time AC on. I drove only on city mode never tried eco or sport mode. Never drove above 90. 50% in highway 30% moderate traffic and 20% B2B traffic. So it is ok with FE ?

  7. Hi Ravindra,

    Congratulation for buying new zest. Well on starting you getting 15 Milege is decent, and it will increase as per you have described your driving style.

    Regarding Precautions

    1) Maintain Air pressure to 34

    2) At least drive 500 KM in all modes… during highway use all mode, but Initially driving on sport mode don't reach 100+ KM in sports modes – drive normally 70 to 90. Once you drive your car in all mode you can run as you wants.

    3) Check oil level – before going to long trip and after coming from the long trip.

    4) If your dealer offer GOlD AMC and 4th year warranty then Buy it – It will help on 4th year, whether you keep or wants to resale.

  8. I am surprised that my comment posted a couple of days back has not appeared on your blog. Is it because it is critical of the Tata Zest fuel consumption?

  9. hi vijay ,
    This is Anand, am planning to buy zest .Yesterday went for test drive.
    As per my request sale executive took for highway drive, were the car didn't cross 100kmph.
    when i have asked him he was telling that we have to press the accelerator fully in 4th gear till it reaches 80kmph and then only we have to go for 5th gear.
    Really on full press of accelerator in 5th gear also didn't cross 100kmph for almost 10kms and then it was moving hardly to 110kmph in down slop road.
    Is there is any speed limit locks in test drive vehicles or is that how the reacts on highways.
    Now may i know is there is any turbo lag problem or any pickup problem in zest petrol.
    can it go smoothly 120kmph speed on highways as like as other petrol(swift) cars.May i know the top speed you seen.Please help me out to take a decision.

  10. I bought Zest XT petrol and after 1 month today the "engine check" light started. I am not sure what is the problem with my engine in just 1 month and 400 kms. I will show my car to the dealer tomorrow and I hope they are able to fix the issue in 1 day.

  11. @Shreesh

    HI Shreesh, its not like that, I have not received any other your comments, Its my personal blog and I am not representing any of tata motors.
    Because of my first car I has shared my personal view.
    Regarding fuel consumption, its totally depend on driving. I have achieved 10 KMPL as well as 19 KMPL,

    Thank you

  12. @Anand Kumar

    No not like what you have described, I have cross 130+ on Baroda to Ahmadabad highway, Looks more stable in 100 to 120 speed.

    Once you press full accelration, slowly down it and press it slowly. It will reach 120+ even in eco mode.

  13. Hello There!

    I bought Zest XM (D) a month ago in Hyderabad, Telangana. After just driving nearly 250 km the fuel pipe (Engine to filter pipe) got disconnected and by the time I realize the problem I lost almost 5 lts of fuel. The break-down team helped me in 3 hrs time in city. Later the very next day (after driving hardly 15 kms) the same problem occurred. This time I went to workshop and they replaced the pipe saying the pipe lock got damaged. But unfortunately, the same problem got repeated after driving another 150 k.m. it self. On complaining they said the problem could be with filter as it is not holding the pipe and they changed filter and peiple as well. Now also, there is ply and the lock is not holding the filter firmly. Being an area where there will be always good pressure, there is every possibility to get the same problem again. SO I manually tied the pipe with the filter with a ribbon! The workshop said they will try do some thing (don't know when?). I am sure being known to all the pipe will always have good pressure, it should have been provided with double lock system or additional clamp lock support (just as in other models like Dezire?). Now I am driving (just 800 k.m.) with lot of fear as I do not know where it will stop again!!

    Any solutions to this problem are most welcome.


  14. I bought Zest Petrol in the month of march 2015. I drove n km till December, 2015. I have very bad experience of mileage. On eco mode 12km, on city node 9.5 and on sport it is 10.5 to 11km/l. I took all kind of care while driving but could not get the mileage. I talked with all authorities but no body is serious about this. Is there any option to cope up this probkem

  15. Hello,

    I am planning to buy a PETROL car by this month but very much confused between ZEST and DZIRE.

    I am looking for following things: (PETROL CAR)

    1. Good safety features
    2. Good Mileage
    3. Good ride quality i.e. enjoyable driving
    4. Sufficient and hassle free space for 5 people with good boot amount
    5. Low maintenance
    6. Good After Sales Service

    Please suggest me which car will fulfill all or maximum of the above requirements, weather it is TATA ZEST or MARUTI DZIRE?

  16. Hello,

    I am planning to buy a PETROL car by this month but very much confused between ZEST and DZIRE.

    I am looking for following things: (PETROL CAR)

    1. Good safety features
    2. Good Mileage
    3. Good ride quality i.e. enjoyable driving
    4. Sufficient and hassle free space for 5 people with good boot amount
    5. Low maintenance
    6. Good After Sales Service

    Please suggest me which car will fulfill all or maximum of the above requirements, weather it is TATA ZEST or MARUTI DZIRE?

  17. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks a lot for your personal review of Zest.

    I'm purchasing the special Anniversary Edition of Zest and your blog helped me very much. This edition is available in a special 'Vocal White' colour.

    Just wanted to know from you how easy / difficult is it to keep the white car clean.
    Is it more effortive compared to other colours…?

    Thank you,

  18. Hi Yadvi, I have petrol Zest and I am getting 14 to 16+ mileage, I dont think there is issue in diesel cars, i have seen some outstanding mileage photo on facebook, most of the tata zest user are claiming 25+ mileage. Minimum you can get 19 – 20 other depends on your driving skills. Shortly Tata tiago is coming, which has 1000 CC engine, and More mileage compared to zest, Just you have to compromise with power.

  19. It is same engine as in Maruti Diesel cars….Same FIAT 1.3 Litre engine. Very reliable and proven

  20. I have purchased TATA ZEST XMS Petrol car in Jan 2015 Long drive gone but getting only 14 Millage 🙁 ….
    2 servicing done just completed 9500 kms but not satisfied with millage,
    Please suggest me to increase the millage

  21. Hi Shrikant, Regarding Mileage, In which mode you are driving? If you drive in eco mode with constant speed around 90 – 100 KM more chances of getting 16.5, I crossed 22000 KM 2 service, but every time i got different mileage, but i manage to get 15+ (In My drive I usually Mix all modes), You can check whether meter is not showing 14 mileage for all 9000 KM, You can reset it and check, drive in different modes and do the test. Gear shifting is more important, TO get better mileage keep your RPM near 1500 – 2500. I am sure you will cross 16+

  22. i have purchase tata zest xt model but millage is very poor 9 to 10 km maximum. tata cars has millage problem, very unecconomical.

    Any person or dealer kindly help to improve millage.

  23. Hi Chitranjan,

    In my case also Zest behave in same manner, For first 1000 – 2000 KM average was getting near 10, but after that In city I get around 13 – 14 and on highway at a constant speed of 90 to 110KM & AC On, I get Minimum 16.

    You can try with resetting your meter, and see may be it has improved.

  24. I got average 21.8 kmpl, in eco mode at average speed of 70 to 90 kmph on nasik Mumbai highway.

  25. I have purchased my zest xms model on 3rd may 2016.when I got delivery from progressive cars at Anand my car was driven 19km and it shows average of just 8km/l. I was shocked and thought that the same issue will be carry forward for me? I reached at my home and average was increased at 10km/l.within the next day I have to leave my wife at her dad’s home. I have taken drive of 110km on highway including 10km in city area.after dropping my wife when I reached at my home I was surprised because my average was shown 18.6 km/l with ac.this was my first experience with zest

  26. Hi Nirav,
    Best experience you have received from zest, And I am sure your driving habit in gear shifting and speed is best. Keep the same style in driving,otherwise many people are doing complain of getting less mileage.

    Also Initially use all your car driving mode, ECO, city and sport and keep your speed around 80 – 100 for at-least 1000 – 2000 KM.

    I have purchased XMS petrol in SEPT 2014 from Shreeji Automart around 6.5 Lakh (on road price)


  27. Hi Anil.

    Great! Zest Rocks!

    If you can share your driving habits like gear shifting timing, RPM Maintain then it will be best for all of us.

  28. Try after replacing spark plugs and its wires. It’s a common issue in Tata petrol cars. All the best.

  29. Hi ALL

    i also have ZEST RT XMS.
    car has run 24000 km. i am getting a feeling of “SUDDEN ACCELERATION/PICKUP DROP IN MY CAR USUALLY IN TOP GEAR AND SPEED OF 60-80”

    i just want to know any of you also getting the same feeling?
    please let me know i am fed up with this.

  30. Hi Friends,

    all of you, who is having zest Petrol is getting sudden pickup drop problem?

    please share your views.


  31. HI Suryakant,

    I have crossed around 25000 KM, regarding acceleration I have not feel, On City Mode sometime crossing bumps at low speed engine get stopped. If you driving in 60 -80 km speed in top gear then you might feel slow in eco mode.

  32. Hi Nirav ,

    What is your experience of XMS(Petrol ) as i am planning to buy the same .
    How what the mileage and comfort

  33. Hi Ravi,

    Comfort is awesome, you cant complain it, For mileage it totally depend on traffic and driving habits. You will get minimum 15 (100 + speed) whether you drive in sports mode or city mode. Eco mode more then 15.

    Thank you

  34. Thanks vibhor
    yeah what you saying this is at all driver characteristics.

    while my problem is different. it could be happen any time.i mean whether i am running on highway or city.

    i feel sudden drop in acceleration for 10-20 seconds no signal goes ,i feel like my car goes dead.

  35. Hi Surya.I own a Zest XT Revotron.I had the same problem.The guysat the dealership cleaned the sparkplugs and said they reprogrammed somethin probably ECU now the problem does not exist

  36. Regarding my zest petrol, it gives minimum of 17 kmpl with full AC in city mode in NH. Without AC it gives 19+ in city mode and 21+ in ECO mode.

    1) frequent gear shift lowers the mileage.
    2) sedate driving fetches good mileage, else it drops
    3) slow speeding causes engine to stall

    Zest is good for NH for long drives without frequent stops. I tried non stop of 350kms without any tiredness.

  37. If im driving around 1500rpm, no issues. Once it crosses 1500 till 1750rpm, the vehicle struggles. When it crosses 1750, the car flies.

    But when it falls 1750rpm, speed drastically reduces due to turbo lag. It happens from 1500 to 1750rpm and vice versa.

    Thats huge disadvantage of zest where u will feel vehicle as lifeless and increases our fear especially in high moving traffic.

  38. thanks Vishnu….

    but in my case they have done both the things….
    even i have replaced my spark plugs with iridium spark plug……

  39. Hi Vijay,

    I am planning for buy a Tata car. Actually i have Tata Nano and i am planning to exchange with Bolt OR Zest. So pls suggest me which car is best for me. My running not more. I drove my Nano only 18000 km in 4yrs.☺. Now looking for change.

  40. HI Taru,

    Thank you for asking me recommendation. Your car selection is depends on what you want in car, both bolt and zest are awesome car, Later the party join by the Tiago is also a good option.

    If you like compact sedan then go for zest.

    Based on your running criteria I suggest you go for petrol, If you want some good mileage in petrol then Go for tiago petrol, you will get higher version of car in the cost of base model of zest / bolt


  41. Hi everyone.
    I bought Tata Zest XT in march 2015. After driving 1.4 years and 17000kms I never get the FE more than 13 in any case. Whether it’s Eco, sportsand city. I tried all precautions like shifting gear, rpm,accelerator, all. One pickup wise is also very poor performance. You have to at exact rpm before you shift the gear. I am from himachal so you get lots of highs nd lows. But if you are on 4 gear nd if small high will come you have to down the gear to 2. No pickup on 3 gear. It’s lots of problem in Tata zest. You have to think twice before you overtake any vehicle.

  42. Hi All,
    I am planing to buy a car but bit confused on Tata Zest-XMS and Balen Delta..(Petrol)

    I can see below features are not in Baleno Delta
    INSTRUMENTATION ( Average Fuel Consumption,Average Speed,Distance to Empty Adjustable Cluster Brightness)


    Parking Sensors is not in Zest XMS

    Actually i want all these features…..

    Please suggest…

  43. I am from visakhapatnam, bought zest xm petrol last month. drove 850kms. getting mileage of 12.4 in city drive & 13.5 in NH drive. car is very comfortable.

  44. Hi Vijay,
    Thanks for your review and experience with Tata Zest, But I am little confused about the other users review, have you found any technical fault in Tata Zest, I have to buy car by 30 Dec’16, Is Tata Zest a good to buy? Pl suggest.

  45. Hi Subodh,

    Sorry for late reply.

    Every product will not satisfy 100%, I am happy with my decisions of purchasing Tata zest XMS petrol. Completed 33000 KM and it running almost same as it was in 2014.

  46. Dear Vijay,
    I own Zest XT RT since May 2016, has done 63000 km and still enjoying as it was on first ride 3 years back. I’m thankful to you as I referred your first review before deciding this investment.
    Car is still in showroom shining, no major part changed, served through gold and for Rs. 14k till 45000 km and charged Rs. 3384 only for 60000km Service milestone.
    Tyres may last upto 75-80 K kms, battery cranks the engine very well, mileage is constant at 22.5kmpl (40 L/ 900 Km).
    Two unsolved issues are there 1. Rattle inside Dvr side of dashboard; and 2. Projector headlamp focuss setting to my liking.
    Hope, someday visit Surat to befriend you.
    Dr. Alok Dwivedi

  47. Dr. Alok Most welcome to surat & Thank you for sharing your Feedback owning tata zest, On September 2019 I am going to complete 5 Years with Zest. I am still happy with the performance and build quality. Recently I faced a Highway accident and Zest Saved my life.

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