Review of best Fitness tracker & Fitness watch

There are useful reasons to purchase a fitness watch. A fitness watch does not only focus on the fitness function nowadays, but it offers much more helpful purposes and makes our life more suitable

Fitness Function

Having a fitness watch aids you check your health. It offers the function of calculating calories you burn from working out and approximation how much food you eat in a day.

Fitness watches

It will build you feel as though you have a balanced personal trainer in the house, whereas you are saving a pretty money. It also keeps you alert of high blood pressure and makes sure your weight loss aims are completed.


Whereas you travel, getting lost is predictable; though, the fitness watch can work as a GPS. Having a map on your wrist saves you time from plot a route on your phone. It also saves time from inquiring for directions and the infrequent “Maybe, it’s that way.” Also, when you exercise, carrying a phone take up the room and makes it difficult for you. So, having a watch that delivers you direction and saves your exercise data will be mainly helpful.

Check Weather

Having a weather tracker on your watch makes get ready for the weather simple with one click. You will not at all want to concern about being soaked in the rain or tiring the wrong dress for the change in weather.


Being on time for a meeting as well as a business get-together is extremely significant. Poor regularity will make you out of them on a topic of seconds. Having a calendar task on your watch helps you keep an eye on upcoming occasions and significant dates; as well, it provides an alarm to repeat you about upcoming events. Therefore, your significant plans will be well prearranged.

Smart watches have also come into the same marketplace as various fitness trackers and there is some go beyond, making the choice among them harder.

Here are some best Fitness watches

Apple Watch Series 3 Smart watches

Apple’s 3rd generation smart watch carry cellular network connectivity, thus you can leave your handset behind throughout your workouts. Like its precursor, the Series 3 is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It also has a fitted GPS, so you can exactly keep track of your outside activities, in addition, an ultra-specific heart-rate sensor.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

These Smart  watches have prepared bulky changes to the company’s wearable line both the inner side and out and the effect is a gadget that does an entire lot of your cash. One of the most current updates means the Gear Fit 2 will now job on all iPhone gadgets running iOS 9 and above software as well as Android phones. It has a stunning design that seems extraordinary on your wrist and as its generous a big, beautiful AMOLED display you’ll be capable to see all of your stats good and clear.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit Fitness watchThe Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is the corporation’s most capable fitness tracker accessible nowadays. It has an excellent set of doings- and sleep-tracking functions that comprise an accurate heart-rate tracker and GPS, as such as the capability to offer guided workouts. The gadget is completely waterproof, hence you can go swimming with it. You can set up apps on the smartwatch, make payments, and get notifications from your smartphone as well. Fitbit also delivers a number of similar bands for the Ionic.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Fitness Watch

this is a fitness watch with the end of a deluxe timepiece. The fitness tracking functions of the watch comprise a fitted heart rate sensor and GPS, and additional the capability to track several sports and actions. The watch can also send a notice from your smartphone. 

FitBit Alta HR

This Smartwatch has fitness tracker currently features a heart rate monitor, adding up to its functions of step tracking and sleep watching. Fitbit’s procedure work with its customers-friendly Fitbit application, which is simple to find the way and can help monitor watch what you eat, water intake and regular activity goals.