The Best Crime & Thriller Books of All Time

Since my teens I have been a fond of thrillers and murder mysteries and I still love them.

My favorites are still the same- Agatha Christie, and Sidney Sheldon. But there have been newer additions like Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi who are both coming to be recognised for their work and giving one bestseller after another.

Also, who can miss out on Dan Brown and Christopher Doyle who are both revered authors.

I have made a list for all of you of books written by all of these authors so that you can add something to your must-read list.


The secret of the druids

I picked up this Christopher Doyle book because I believe in druids and angels and this book took me on a journey where I was reading about what was common between Britain’s megalithic sites,druids,Julius Caesar and a mysterious queen who lived 4000 years ago.

It is power packed with mystery about how Vijay Singh will save the world from a fate which is worse than death. Time is not on the saviors side. In this book one will get a chance to study the science behind Mahabharata.

I recommend this great book packed with many a mystery if you want to find out who druids really were. They could be anything from priests to astronomers and anything from sorcerers to scientists. Read and find out.

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The Oath of the Vayuputras

Amish Tripathi is rightly called the Paulo Coelho of the East by the Business world and the Telegraph rightly calls him a People’s author like Jeffrey Archer.

His great imagination is unparalleled and he has written a whole set of three books where he talks about how Shiva defeats evil. In the third and final book evil is finally revealed and Shiva is seen reaching out to Vayuputras.

Read this book to finally found out the face of evil and whether the Vayuputras will help Shiva and will Shiva succeed and if yes then at what cost.

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This is another masterpiece by Dan Brown. The protagonist Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of what happened and how he got there.

He finds a macabre object hidden in his belongings. Imagine this happening to you. Gives you goose bumps right? And that’s just the beginning.

Robert and Sienna( a young doctor) go about a journey in the city of Florence to save their lives.

The only things working in their favor are the fact that Robert knows certain secret passageways of the city and the set of codes that they must decipher which might or might not help them to save the world from a terrifying threat.

You should read the book for what these codes are, what the threat is and if Robert and Sienna get out alive and if they’ll save the world.

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The girl on the train

The reason you should read this book is not just because it was No.1 on the NY times Fiction Best sellers list but because you would want to know the whole story of this girl who takes the same train every morning and night such that she gets used to the scenery, and the people who she sees every day.

Then one day she sees something that changes her life and she entangled in the investigation and the lives of all those involved. The police find her extremely unreliable.

She is left wondering if she has done more harm than good. Read the book and find out what happened.

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The secret of the druids : Book 2 of the Mahabharata quest series

Read this book to find out why the Romans are after killing the entire population of the Druids and why do they fear druids so much that they want to destroy all the sacred sites of the druids. Christopher Doyle beautifully narrates the story and keeps you hanging on to his every word.

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Sidney Sheldon creates magic again with this book where there is mystery, love,romance,tragedy and suspense.

Tracy the female protagonist has given up the life of a con artist and a thief and is happily living with her son but her life turns upside down when her son dies in a road accident. But she doesn’t believe that it was an accident and smells some foul play circling around the strange number 99. For the investigation Tracy and Jeff are thrown together.

Jeff is the love of Tracy’s life and the father of her child. Although they both love each other but cannot be together because of the circumstances.

In the middle of all this the British intelligence warns Jeff to keep an eye on Tracy. Who killed their son? Why they can’t be together and what’s with the strange number 99. Read the book and find out.

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Agatha Christie -Murder on the Orient Express

This book is one of the best crime fiction novels by Agatha Christie and has various twists and turns.

The protagonist Hercule Poirot is a Belgian Detective who investigates the murder of his fellowman in the compartment of Orient Express.

As a reader I could live the situations and experiences created by Agatha’s words. It is compelling to read about the moral dilemma and crisis that Poirot feels as a detective. The reader is left anticipating, guessing and wanting more.

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Agatha Christie – The ABC murders

The protagonist Hercule Poirot starts getting letters signed ABC by the murderer. The detective wonders why the letters are addressed to him and not the police.

When Poirot is visiting the wife of one of the victims he finds out that all three murders had one thing in common- a man selling silk stockings was present at the scene.

Readers are then introduced to the man who’s a salesman and former war soldier who often gets headaches, epileptic fits and lapses in memory and who’s the man against whom all evidence points

Read the book and find out who the real killer is.  Is it the war soldier cum salesman the killer or is that too simple and is someone else the serial killer. Will the innocent man be punished? Will the serial killer be found?

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The Krishna Key

My heart skipped a beat when I read that a person who believes himself to be a avatar of Krishna is actually a serial killer. Brilliant plot by Ashwin Sanghi. It is a book I would recommend to all those who like conspiracy theories as well as all thriller maniacs

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The Sialkot Saga

Hasn’t everyone thought of this at least once in their lives -Is everything a matter of faith or fate? Ashwin Sanghi weaves a beautiful tale that talks about both victor and victim with the help of two protagonists Arvind and Arbaaz who are both businessmen who leave no stone unturned as they play the game of upmanship.

Read this gripping tale about what we all forget about when we are trying too hard to win at life -happiness.

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Chanakya’s chant

This book is set in two parallel worlds. One is about Chanakya the political strategist who brings in the reign of Chandragupta Maurya and another is about a teacher who is the reincarnation of Chanakya himself.

The teacher called Gangasagar is grooming a young girl to eventually become the PM of India.

I suggest this book to everyone whether or not they are fans of the strategist Chanakya’s theories because it is one of the rare gems by the author Ashwin Sanghi which has been well received even by critics.

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