Gujarat Tours – 12 Lesser Known Travel Places in Gujarat

Gujarat Tour

When you travel to a place, visiting the place which you’ve heard about is what makes it more exiting. It becomes a most go place heard from others, but what if you get to see and visit and spent the vacation seeing places which are rarely visited or unexplored. That’s what make you feel so proud that you got to see some places that you are actually meant to see.

If you live in Gujarat, you may have still not been to all these places and are unaware of them, so here are some of the less known places of Gujarat to travel. You can rather spend the weekend here or a one day short trip. Gujarat is full of wonders of heritage places, unspoilt calm beaches, the ancient architecture and also forests.

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Tour of Diu                               

Located: Diu Island – Union Territory Daman & Diu

This is a union territory in Gujarat, heard of Daman for sure and Diu along with it, but many of us have always remained away from exploring this place.  Old Portuguese structures still lay standing and making the historical places look more lavish.

Diu tourist places

Stay for a night or more and explore the beauties of the island with Nagoa Beach highly recommended and some more serene beaches also the Nadia Caves to see and stay at relaxing resorts.

Diu Beach view

Tour of Palitana

Location: Palitana, Bhavnagar, Gujarat

A city of Gujarat which is has the most temples, Shatrunjay Hills with over 900 temples of the Jains. A home of peace for the ‘Jains’, which has beautiful Jain temples and shrines. A place to see the sculpturing and feel the peaceful sacred vibes.

Palitana tour

Tour of Dadra and Nagar Haveli:

Location: Union Territory between Maharstra and Gujarat

A place which is an union territory which lies between Maharashtra and Gujarat. Silvassa is the capital which has the Madhuban dam which also offers water sports. Silvassa has relaxing luxury Resorts along the Khanvel road, Khanvel Resort is the most prestigious place.

Dudhani Lake

Dudhni Lake is one attraction you wouldn’t want to miss which is situated in the valley of the surrounding mountains. Take a lovely boating ride or a house boat for your stay or just the lake front t resort cottages.

Tour of Balasinor

Location: Mahisagar District, Raiyoli

The place is a small town which is enriched with Dinosaur Fossils located in a village called Raiyoli.


It is the Jurassic Park of India, with fossilized eggs, and over 13 dinosaur bones which were discovered here. The world’s 2nd largest site of dinosaur fossil and eggs.


A must visit place which is ancient or say history before history actually existed in mankind.

Jambughoda and Champaner

Location: Jambughoda & Champaner,  Panchmahal Gujarat

Jambughoda is a total forest experience in the Panchmahal district along with Champaner which brings heritage Mughal India closer to memories with its forts and resorts.


Experience a forest life with the Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary and resorts which give you a camping caravan luxury stay.

With Champaner you get to experience heritage India.


The Forts of Mughal era are scenic, it is said to be that Champaner was the birthplace of one.

Jami Masjid Champaner

Visit the Jami Masjid at the archeologist park.

Tour of Buddhist Caves

Location: Junagadh, Gujarat

These caves are said to be very old, which dates back to the 1st AD century, some are very old and other in the 3rd and 4th AD century.


They aren’t caves but wee sculpted as rooms which the monks then used as quarters.

buddhist_caves Junagadh

They are divided into 3 sectors which are named as Baba Pyare caves , Khapra Kodiya Caves and Uperkot Caves.

Tour of Ahwa Dang

Location: From Waghai, Vansda – Ahwa, Don Hills, Gujarat

Adore forest and nature? Then this will leave you thrilled, Forest of Dang. It’s also called a place which has all the wild life to be witnessed and forest life.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary in Dang

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is what should be a part of your sightseeing when in Ahwa.

Mahal eco site

Ahwa also has many eco camping sites and one of it is Mahal eco Campsite which has well equipped cottages and the campus has a lake, tree house and trekking facilities.

Don Hills Dang

Don Hills being the most adventurous and nature enriched highlands of Gujarat. It’s declared as the highest peak of Gujarat with Maharashtra border being 3km away.

Gira waterfalls, Saputara

When full rain is going dont miss the chance to see gira water falls it is so much beautiful place in gujarat, its true but wait for full rain and then go you will definitely seen such wonderful view.

gira waterfall saputara

But if you go on wrong time you will get chance to see it like below and I am sure your mood will be changed.

Gira water fall when less rain

Tour of Malnath Mahadev, Bhavnagar

Location – Near Bhandariya, Dist. Bhavnagar Gujarat

Malnath Mahadev

If you visit Malnath place near bhavnagar then dont forget to see the natural beauty, its one of the best place in bhavnagar gujarat to feel the natural beauty visit in August – September.

Malnath Near Bhavnagar

Mangadh Hill (75 km From Dahod )

Location – Fatepura, District Dahod, Gujarat

Mangadh is pious place of faith for tribals of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhyapradesh for Guru Govindsinh.

British gunned down more than 1,500 Bhils on Mangadh Hill

It is Historical place where on  November 17, 1913, the British gunned down more than 1,500 Bhils on Mangadh Hill. Also known to be Gujarat Jaliyanwalabaugh – Read full article of  Indiatoday on Mandgadh hill.


It was past today mangadh hills much beautiful, covered with scattered forest on backside you will see the full water of kadana dam.  You can easily spend 4 to 5 hours there, lots off open space available for playing games and garba. Just keep note bring some more food and water there for your kids.

Wilson Hill Station Dharampur, Valsad

Wilson hill tour was One of the best trip with friends, It was adventure trip, you will definitely enjoyed driving when you go to wilson hill.

Wilsion hill

On the way towards wilson hill Visit barumal temple, Ozone valley, Auranga river, Fall, sunrise and sunset points. I think it is one of the best silent place for couples.

Wilson hill King place for nap

Barumal Temple

Barumal Temple

If you find any beautiful places near your area in gujarat where less tourist come then please share here, I will add your location with images.

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